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  1. I said either because I own Firefly but haven’t been in the mood to watch it. I never saw it originally because of the time it aired and then haven’t watched the DVD’s because at first I couldn’t see Nathan Fillon as anything other than the evil priest in Buffy and then he was Kate’s husband on LOST. So if you do a eposidic podcast of Firefly I’ll come along. Missed contributing to the recent podcasts due to computer problems but hope to be there with you for the summer season.
    Namaste, Yogabon

  2. Firefly may have been a great show but it has been done to death and the content can be easily found. Discussing time travel movies can always bring up content and view points that are new to listeners. I love listening to genre pod casts that lead me to great new entertainment opportunities.

  3. Firefly would be awesome, i also saw one the suggested Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Either one would be cool.

  4. Please get some more votes for time travel movies. Firefly has had sooooo many podcasts how could another one help? :( Its a great show and the cast is wonderful but please lets get some love for time travel movies!

  5. Just a suggestion….if Firefly and Time Travel movies are close in percentage, can you do both? Or at least throw in a few Time Travel movie podcasts in the midst of your Firefly discussions? I think the movie podcasts will be awesome!

    • Lissaword88-We will do both series of podcasts eventually. This is just the first set of podcasts we’ll be doing as the Cuting the Cable Podcast.

  6. I will vote everyday for Time Travel movies, if you can promise to cover some of the Terminator movies!! DO IT!!! I’ll BE BACK!! COME WITH ME IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!!

  7. Hi guys. Looking forward to the Summer podcast no matter which topic is chosen, but I’m confused about the “Cutting the Cable” title. I’ve been Googling the phrase and it always brings up sites and podcasts talking about cutting out cable TV. How do we promote more live Fringe viewing by “cutting the cable”?

    • LostFan815k-Cutting the Cable Podcast and The Fringe Podcast are two totally different podcasts. Fringe is a show that airs on network TV and doesn’t require a cable subscription to watch it anyway. So I don’t see how this will have any effect on watching Fringe live when it comes back on in the fall.

  8. I call Shenanigans!
    No way there is this much of a disparity.
    Someone is rigging the vote.
    Time travel should have won.
    I call Shenanigans !

  9. Can’t stop the signal! Firefly got my vote!

    although, i would listen to just about anything you guys spoke about(barring religious topics). Its going to be a long Fringeless summer.. so Keep the convo rolling along! thanks for all the hard work and dedication. It goes a long way.

  11. I’m voting for Firefly. I liked the series,but some parts felt a little flat. Funnily enough, I loved the movie. Maybe I just like knowing answers and hate lingering questions. Anywho, I’d like to hear both of your perspectives about the episodes and maybe develop more appreciation for the portions I don’t care for currently.
    ps I also enjoy Time Travel movies, but just the thought of reliving Time Bandit makes me vote against the option. I HATE that movie.

  12. I voted for Firefly because there are so many layers that can be explored. What inspired it’s genesis…the idea of the “lost cause”…the anti-hero…family…existentialism (“Objects In Space”)…facism…libertarianism…Borderlanders….ad infinitum. The series is rich in metaphor, philosophy, politics, religion, relationship, etc. all of which can be explored in depth.

  13. didn’t think Firefly stood a chance. It’s already been done, why do it again. — I was really looking forward to hearing feedback about PRIMER <—cause I found it to be kinda "dull" and overhyped. / / / lol, now i have to start voting for "won't be listening :( completely not interested in Firefly

  14. I voted Firefly/Serenity and would also vote Dr Who from the reboot! They are both so rich and lovely…

  15. What a great idea! I was so afraid I would go through Fringe Podcast withdrawal alongside Fringe withdrawal this summer. Thanks Darrell and Clint :)

  16. Firefly!

  17. Firefly, for sure, and I will be listening.

  18. time travel please.

  19. I would also love to have a “Cut The Cable” done on The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I loved that show, and I’m still distraught about its demise.

  20. Firefly all the way!!

  21. i am so happy that Firefly won. it is one of my favorite show of all time. i also agree with the previous comment about Sarah Connor Chronicles. That was a great show too and could fit in with your time travel theme.

  22. Darn. Went to pick time travel last night, but my midnight is different than yours. I loved the movie Serenity, but I’m not going to go and watch all the episodes of Firefly so I can stay up with the podcast. So sorry.

  23. Where there is Firefly, there is a browncoat army… ;)

  24. Question for Firefly fans: I just opened my complete series set and noticed that the discs present the series out of order of the original airdates. Can anyone explain this to me here? And Darrell, how would you guys review it? In the sequence of the discs or the airdates?

  25. I’m happy Firefly won, I think it will be the only way I’ll be able to watch the entire series, and make my friends happy!

  26. I see on the google calendar over at cutting the cable that there will be both a Firefly and a time travel podcast. Is this right? You guys are going to be super busy!

  27. I see on the google calendar over at cutting the cable that there will be both a Firefly and a time travel podcast. Is this right? If so you guys are going to be super busy!

    • That’s right, John M. Everyone’s a winner!

  28. mardarrell will you set up a blog for each episode?

  29. Yay for time travel AND firefly! Is there a link to a Cutting The Cable site?

  30. Sorry, I just found it… * embarrassed*

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