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Posted by on Mar 10, 2013 in Blog, Fringe, General Show Info, Podcasts | 4 comments

OKC Fringe Finale Party Recap

OKC Fringe Finale Party Recap

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly 2 months since the Fringe finale. We want to again thank everyone who was able to make the trip to Oklahoma City and be a part of the Golden Spiral Media Fringe Finale Party! Whether you drove in from just a few miles away, or traveled over 1,500 miles to attend, we’re so glad you were there. We had an amazing weekend and it was a great pleasure to meet so many great Fringe fans.


We kicked the weekend off with bowling at Burgers at the Redpin Bowling Lounge and then enjoyed some time speculating on what the finale might bring and sharing some of our favorite moments of Fringe. Check out Episode 527 to hear that conversation.

On Friday, several folks enjoyed some of the sights of Oklahoma City while Darrell, Clint, and their wives, Kari and Mandy prepared the room for the party. We all got together for a fantastic dinner at Zio’s Italian Kitchen and then shared a special time together as we watched the 2 hour Fringe series Finale. After the episode finished we recorded our initial reaction podcast (Episode 526) and then finished the evening by hanging out in the hotel lounge and talking about the show we all love.

The Fringe finale weekend will be a time that we will always cherish. Meeting so many great people and coming together as a fandom was amazing. Check out the photos and videos from the event. You all are simply Fringetastic!


Here’s the montage we played before the finale.



Regrettably, our video for the Fringe finale podcast did not record and we thought there was no video footage of the event. Fortunately, John was able to pull video from a couple of different cameras he had and put this video together. Some of the footage is low quality, and none of it is great, but it contains the whole podcast and some of the after party stuff. We are very grateful for John and the work he did to put this together!!


Here’s John’s video:



  1. We need time reset so you can record the finale podcast!

    • Wow! Great pics everyone!

      • Next time, we have to do a GeoCache Scavenger hunt, with GPS in everyone’s phone it would be a natural.

        One thing I really wanted to do was bring a bunch of Red Balloons and a Green Laser pointer to play LazerTag with Osmium surprise. Pinata.. Walter Style.

        This had possibilities too..

        Oh.. Fringe, the possibilities had only just begun.

  2. Our anniversary is coming up. Hoping to get Clint and Darrell to review all the seasons on a special live podcast.

    Miss, miss, miss y’all. Come join the Friday night rewatch, recommencing on January 10th with Making Angels and Welcome to Westfield.

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