Glyph Answers by Episode:

Season 5 Episode Title Glyph Code
Episode 1 Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11 DOUBT
Episode 2 In Absentia FAITH
Episode 3 The Recordist ANGER
Episode 4 The Bullet That Saved the World WOUND
Episode 5 An Origin Story FIGHT
Episode 6 Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There SPLIT
Episode 7 Five-Twenty-Ten TRUST
Episode 8 The Human Kind PLEAD
Episode 9 Black Blotter GUILT
Episode 10 Anomaly XB-6783746 SENSE
Episode 11 The Boy Must Live GRACE
Episode 12 Liberty LOVED
Episode 13 An Enemy of Fate CLOSE



Season 4 Episode Title Glyph Code
Episode 1 Neither Here Nor There APPEAR
Episode 2 One Night In October LIMBUS
Episode 3 Alone In The World REBORN
Episode 4 Subject 9 RESET
Episode 5 Novation STILL
Episode 6 And Those We Left Behind LIVING
Episode 7 Wallflower DAVID
Episode 8 Back To Where You’ve Never Been JONES
Episode 9 Enemy of My Enemy DEATH
Episode 10 Forced Perspective MARCH
Episode 11 Making Angels EMPATH
Episode 12 Welcome to Westfield OLIVE
Episode 13 A Better Human Being HENRY
Episode 14 The End of All Things UNITE
Episode 15 A Short Story About Love QUILL
Episode 16 Nothing as it Seems FUTURE
Episode 17 Everything in its Right Place DREAM
Episode 18 The Consultant SIMON
Episode 19 Letters of Transit QUAKE
Episode 20 Worlds Apart ALIVE
Episode 21 End Game Part 1 POWERS
Episode 22 End Game Part 2 PURGE


Season 3 Episode Title Glyph Code
Episode 1 Olivia AMBER
Episode 2 The Box ALERT
Episode 3 The Plateau BREACH
Episode 4 Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep SHIFT
Episode 5 Amber 31422 EVENT
Episode 6 6955 kHz DECAY
Episode 7 The Abducted ESCAPE
Episode 8 Entrada CROSS
Episode 9 Marionette ADAPT
Episode 10 The Firefly UNITES
Episode 11 Reciprocity ALTER
Episode 12 Concentrate and Ask Again HATCH
Episode 13 Immortality ROMAD
Episode 14 6B HEARTS
Episode 15 Subject 13 SWITCH
Episode 16 Os EARTH
Episode 17 Stowaway ERODE
Episode 18 Bloodline FATED
Episode 19 Lysergic Acid Diethylamide FEARS
Episode 20 6:02 am EST AGENT
Episode 21 The Last Sam Weiss MULTI
Episode 22 The Day We Died NO MORE


Season 2 Episode Title Glyph Code
Episode 1 A New Day In The Old Town TOWER
Episode 2 Night of Desirable Objects MIRROR
Episode 3 Fracture BURIAL
Episode 4 Momentum Deferred MEMORY
Episode 5 Dream Logic BETRAY
Episode 6 Earthling DEJA VU
Episode 7 Of Human Action ARRIVE
Episode 8 August BLIGHT
Episode 9 Snakehead HIDDEN
Episode 10 Grey Matters PORTAL
Episode 11 Unearthed AVENGE
Episode 12 Johari Window MUTATE
Episode 13 What Lies Below WINDOW
Episode 14 The Bishop Revival FATHER
Episode 15 Jacksonville REVEAL
Episode 16 Peter PETERS
Episode 17 Olivia. In the Lab. With the Revolver ENERGY
Episode 18 White Tulip SECRET
Episode 19 The Man From the Other Side BRIDGE
Episode 20 Brown Betty HEART
Episode 21 Northwest Passage RETURN
Episode 22 Over There Part 1 WEAPON
Episode 23 Over There Part 2 WEISS



Season 1 Episode Title Glyph Code
Episode 1 Pilot OBSERVER
Episode 2 The Same Old Story CHILD
Episode 3 The Ghost Network AEGER
Episode 4 The Arrival ROGUE
Episode 5 Power Hungry SURGE
Episode 6 The Cure CELLS
Episode 7 In Which We Meet Mr. Jones CODES
Episode 8 The Equation TAKEN
Episode 9 The Dreamscape VOICE
Episode 10 Safe TRADE
Episode 11 Bound SAVED
Episode 12 The No-Brainer BISHOP
Episode 13 The Transformation AVIAN
Episode 14 Ability OLIVIA
Episode 15 Inner Child WALTER
Episode 16 Unleashed PETER
Episode 17 Bad Dreams BELLY
Episode 18 Midnight EIGHT
Episode 19 The Road Not Taken VISION
Episode 20 There’s More Than One of Everything GRAVE