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Posted by on Nov 15, 2012 in Blog | 11 comments

What Walter Saw at 167 Cedar St.

What Walter Saw at 167 Cedar St.

Having lived in Worcester for 18 years and working there for the last 21 , it’s always fun when one of your favorite shows decides to locate one of their episodes in your town.  The X-Files set a couple of their episodes in Worcester and now I think it’s at least two for Fringe.

In the last episode of Fringe, “Through The Looking Glass and What Walter Found There” our intrepid band of heroes were taken to 167 Cedar Street in Worcester.  I’ve always wanted to search out Fringe locales and this one was just a few minutes away so why not go there and snap a few pictures for fun.

In the above picture is 167 Cedar as it was represented in the episode.  A grand old apartment building gone to seed thanks to some ill placed light bombs from the Observers.  Below is what I found at the real location.

Yep, that’s right, an empty parking lot.  Darn! I wanted to at least run into that cranky lady that Walter had a couple of run ins with.  No such luck.  The house of worship in the background is actually on Russell st. that intersects Cedar near Elm Park.

Oh well, so much for my brush with the surreal.  Maybe I should have entered one of the local churches.  Who knows, I might have seen a Bishop or two!


  1. LOL Dave! I actually never thought of doing this. Pretty interesting idea. What was the other episode?

    The bombed out apartment building shown above (actually in Vancouver) I actually got to see and even have a pic of from my Vancouver visit in August. It was not bombed out though. And actually, the building across from that which we only see pieces of in the episode, was used as Fauxlivia’s apartment building. LOL

    Heck, I just find it interesting and “geeky cool” when I see somewhere on tv and/or movies where I’ve actually been in life. HA! Embracing my geek!

    • Hi Kristin,

      The other Fringe episode was either season one or two and I think it it was two, where they were sending pods from the other dimension to be turned into shape-shifters. One of the characters was named Dave in the episode and I don’t think it turned out well for him. Hey, I still got my Dave and Worcester placement in one episode. I’ll take it!

      Embrace the geek Kristin, I’m there with you!

  2. Oh being in the Boston I completely sympathize with the real location looking nothing like the show. One of these days I will finish my half written blog post about a Fringe tour of Boston…..

    Nice to see Woostah representing on the show :)

    • Let me know when you take your next Fringe tour of Boston Lynne, I’ll hang out with you and we can discuss how things aren’t exactly the same. (So what, we can still have a beer and do lunch!)


  3. Obviously the location looks different in the Red verse versus the Blue verse

    Which side of the Universe were you on?

  4. Maybe St. George’s Cathedral is an intersection point with the other universe.

    I too, have live in the Worcester area. Lived on Dover Street as a very young lad. Then moved to Shrewsbury until my late 30s. Now in Holden.

    Remember, too, that Cedar Street is located on the long gone Agricultural Fair Grounds, where the first no hitter in professional baseball was once pitched!

    • Hi Dave, I’m glad you could catch up with our old posts.

      I thought there was something wonky about the Cathedral. It seemed to be vibrating at the wrong rate for this universe. Nice catch.

      Nice baseball reference also. I’ve seen the scorecard from that no-hitter in Worcester at the Baseball Hall of Fame.

      Like yourself I no longer live in Worcester but I still work there. I’m happy to report there are still many strange goings on there worthy of Fringe and the X-Files. Take care and happy reading!

  5. A Bishop or two – Pun-ny.

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