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Posted by on Apr 17, 2012 in Blog | 18 comments

What does “Simon” mean to you?

What does “Simon” mean to you?


In the last episode of Fringe the break induced glyphs spelled out “Simon”.  This could mean several things of course.  Clint and Darrell speculated on their podcast (via feedback) that the Simon referenced could be the character, “Simon Paris” the doctor who operated on Walter in order to remove parts of his brain.  Simon Paris was really William Bell, so does that mean we will see the return of William Bell in the next episode?


*Spoiler Alert follows for next Friday’s episode*

That certainly would be a lot of fun.  If we expand on this further, since the next episode takes place in the far future I wonder if we will run across a William Bell that is trapped there, held hostage or a fugitive on the run.


I can see it now.  The Fringe Division enters the future only to find an aged Bell there that has been waiting for them all this time.  “I knew you’d come” he’d say, just like the Grail Knight from the Last Crusade movie.



Then again, considering all the product placement we get on Fringe, this could be a clever re-introduction of the game, “Simon”.  Hey, you could tie in all the red, red, green we’ve seen in the past.  That’s it!  The Observers are Milton Bradley fans!



Or there could be a third option.  As I discussed with uber Fringe Fan, “lostweatherguy” Chris,  “Simon” may also refer to Simon Peter, the rock that Christianity was built on.  You know me and my obsession with religious references on Fringe.  Saint Peter is perhaps the most venerated of Saints in Christianity and was selected by Jesus to lead the rest of the apostles.  Fringe has its Peter also.  If they all travel to the future will Peter be the one to lead the true believers out of the dark and into the light?  Will the future that Fringe will be based on (season 5) be based on the new timeline Peter establishes?

What are your thoughts Fringe fans?  What does Simon mean to you?  Are my ramblings just Fringe F*rts or is there something deeper meaning behind the mystery of Simon?  Sound off!


  1. Hey IDD,

    I do like the idea of Bell coming back in some form. I definitely wouldn’t rule it out. I’m really looking forward to Friday’s episode!

    Laura (ODL)

    • Hi ODL!

      Never say never! I think Leonard Nimoy loves his popularity and who could blame him. Let’s call it semi-retirement Leonard!

  2. As great a guess as Simon Paris is, based on the preview for next week, my brain (when initially learning what the glyphs spelled Friday) immediately jumped to two Simon games in tandem: the hand held Simon AND Simon says. So, when I saw Simon listed here to by you, I got really excited
    A) I’ve been dying for a call back to the green and red pattern. It seemed SO important in season one, and with so many other call backs occurring, wouldn’t now be a perfect time to do so with this?
    B) There was a degree of mind control going on with the green and red. Simon Says is all about doing what you’re told when those words are used… In Fringe’s case it’s when those colors are used in a specific “hand held Simon”-esque pattern.

    I hope that makes sense.
    Long story short: Don’t trust the Observers!

    • Judging by the new teaser for the Friday episode and now the intro to go along with it, I would say mind control is going to be an important part of this entry. Wouldn’t you love it if we see a discarded Simon game in a trash can or cleverly place in some child’s room. We’ll have to keep out eyes peeled for that `one.

      Cheers Sarah Maria!

  3. Cortexiphan kid, Simon Phillips, from Concentrate And Ask Again…. ??

    I connected him to the Simon-Peter idea during the CAAA episode, hoping it would mean he would be back and be significant, because I really liked him, but then we never got any more about it, so I gave up on my theory, but I would like it to be him.

    Though, Bell, would of course, be awesome!

    • Right! Simon Philips from CAAA. Was that you that suggest that to D and C Dana? I didn’t mean to leave that option out so thanks for reminding me.

  4. Maybe the fate of the universes will come down to an intense game of simon says. Observers vs Fringe Team in the ultimate showdown of trickery and deception! That would really help boost ratings.

    • Oh, for sure. It may become so successful that they will put it on the X Games or maybe even the Olympics!

      Thanks tmj5694

  5. I have to believe that its for next week..
    If you have seen the trailer for next week, I apologize.
    But its in the future like 1984 , Brave New World, V for Vendetta, government control theme…sorry for the spoiler alert.

    I believe that Simon is the name of the character that wants individual freedom, thought, and choice.

    • Oh, I definitely think it is for the next episode Charlie. Simon the freedom fighter eh? We shall see. You’ll get all the glory if you’re right. Thanks!

  6. Great thoughts everyone!

    I propose that this is FOXs way of telling us that Simon Cowell wants to take over another FOX show and he’s coming in as a top agent. At the end of each episode, all of the other agents will have to stand before him and he will judge their performance on that week’s case. The worst performing agent will be fired. At the end of the season, the last agent standing wins a super secret job at Massive Dynamic. (Now that I think about it, that sounds a lot like the first few seasons of The Apprentice…creepy!)

  7. My theory is that Simon used to be September’s name before he became September.

  8. Shukriyya – I like that one.

    Or maybe you could tie them both together and September was William Bell. HA!

  9. Don’t forget that Saint Peter’s name was Simon before Jesus changed it to Peter and he is often called Simon Peter. In Aramaic, supposedly the language of Jesus Peter means “the Rock” (upon which the church would be founded.) Many say that Simon is the Apostle and his title is Peter.

    So is “our” Peter the foundation of our world, First People, etc. Perhaps as a founder his name was Simon. I know this week is about the future, but heh! this is after-all Fringe.

    • I didn’t forget Lindaislost it was my third and final option. I hope it comes true! Thanks for the reply!

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