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Posted by on Jan 8, 2012 in Blog | 32 comments

What Do You Want From Fringe?

What Do You Want From Fringe?

Here’s a couple of questions I’ve been pondering since Fringe went on hiatus for season four and I’ll share them with you point blank.


Would you rather see Fringe stay true to itself, pursuing and resolving every storyline its created, even if it meant poor ratings and the end of the series?


Would you rather see Fringe pull out every stop to attract viewership like stunt casting , becoming less serial with more stand alone episodes if it definitely guaranteed a season five?

A bit like selling your soul to live longer isn’t it?

Tell me what you think because these may be the questions that Pinkner and Wyman are wrestling with as we speak.






  1. Absolutely, positively, with-a-doubt, no questions asked – I’d prefer that Fringe stays true to itself, which hopefully means exploring those things like Olivia/Peter/issues with her past/etc, Peter/Olivia/actually existing/ relationship with Walter, Walter/life issues/food issues/Peter issues and of course Astrid’s true meaning in the whole story. Sorry if I missed anything important. Oh how could I forget – they also have to answer the Universe issues. And the Observer issues, but I don’t mind if that is left a bit ambiguous… whatever works… :-)

    Happy New Year everyone!

    • A Happy New Year to you too Ingrid! I don’t suppose they can answer/solve everything they’ve started but I’m confident the core issues will be addressed also. A little ambiguous mystery might be fun as books, movies and webisodes may follow. (As hinted by P&W this week.) Thanks for the reply!

  2. I’d like them do what they do best and let the chips fall where they may. What has
    made the show great is that it doesn’t compromise it’s soul. If it ends after four, I hope the last episodes are epic. I hope the last scene is Walter from his lab, eating red vines while watching the red and blue universes on two monitors as he is sitting in the green universe.

    P.S. – Go Pats!!!

    • Hi Kenny, I like your final scenario. No doubt Walter will have another monitor set to the Pats game!

  3. Stay true to it self,period. If it ends ,it ends our way!

  4. Personally … i dont think that Joel Wyman or Jeff Pinkner would do anything other than stay true to the storyarc of Fringe. They have always had a vision for the the central relationship involving Walter, Peter and Olivia and they have always said …. that if they have to finish it earlier than expected … then they have a plan. I trust them …. and i remain hopeful that FOX gives us one more season.

    I just cant understand why a show as well crafted as Fringe does not have the ratings that it should. Fringe is a show that is created with so much care and love. From the writing, acting, the music, the special effects, the location choices, the props and sets, the exective producers etc… EVERYTHING is just first class. I cannot fault it.

    It is a shame that reality tv has made audiences soft and in for the instant thrill. They no longer wish to engage in shows like Fringe where some thinking is required! Let me tell you … its not that hard!

    I live in hope!

    • Yes, Lyn! I’m 100% with you. I live in hope, and also trust!
      If, for a second, they consider making Fringe less serial with more stand alone episodes, I will stop watching the show, because after all we’ve been through, it will be a slap at our faces. I strongly believe it’s not what they will do, Joel and Jeff will be faithful to their show and to us, the passionate viewers until the end. It doesn’t matter if this change would get more viewers, it has to be faithful (period) I know it sounds awful because it may get cancelled, there’s nothing we can do about it.

      • Raphael, good to hear from you! We are on the same page as Lyn. The only thing left out from Lyn’s response is the first class nature of Fringe’s fans. Something I’m sure P&W would never ignore. Thanks for the response!

    • I think you are right about “P&W” staying true to their series and judging by some of their comments published this week you are spot on in your faith in them. I was a big fan of the Sarah Connor Chronicles and those people stayed true to their vision also. For their reward they were axed. At least Fringe has two more years on that show.

      Agreed. I don’t understand the low ratings for Fringe either. I think people are by and large intimidated by it and its serial fashion. Too much work! The seduction of reality TV and the lack of personal investment in it is too much for some to ignore. I suppose a “throw away society” begets “throw away TV.”

      thanks for the reply Lyn.

  5. No question. Stay true to their vision.

    Fringe is not a stunt casting type of show.

    • What would you say to David Duchovny appearing on the show? Or (sigh) Gillian Anderson reprising their X-Files roles? I know, sorry, I’m letting my TV fantasy life get the better of me.

  6. Hope they stay true which I believe they will. Just as the true fans will stay true to the show.

  7. This isn’t even a question. Fringe must stay true to itself. I even think it must stay true to itself even if they never answer ALL of the questions. There is NO reason why they have to slam the door on all the mysteries. You never know what opportunities there may be continue on in the future. Think of how Star Trek had an after life, although it took a decade to happen…

    • It is too a question Donna, I checked my punctuation and I did put questions marks in the right place!

      Kidding of course. I know what you mean. It looks as though P&W have plans for a Fringe afterlife. Bonus points for the Star Trek reference! Thanks for the reply.

  8. Please I never want to Fringe to end.
    I love this show.
    Sell out, have commericals in show. Do whatever you can.
    Cut way way way back on special effects.
    Heck you could do it on a high school auditorium and film it, and I would love it.
    The mystery of mythology how how Walternate went from a grief stricken father to the United States Secretary of Defense is a huge story to tell.
    Please don’t cancel my show. Please pull out every stop for as many seasons as possible. :)


    • Charlie! Impassioned reply my friend. I could probably watch Anna Torv sit at a desk all day. (And I know someone that could watch Josh Jackson at a bus stop all day.
      With pea coat of course!) We’ll see how this all plays out. Thanks.

  9. With the show losing money on Fox, it won’t last long. We’ll be lucky to get all of Season 4, even though it has improved Fox’s Friday night, but not enough to make money.

    Stay true to your roots, and hope to hell that Fox gives enough notice so that they can tie up the major storylines.

    If they sell out, which would only be a temporary blimp in ratings if did work, I’d be very sceptical of ever watching any future projects.

    • What?!! Fox cares about money!?? That’s the depressing part isn’t it? No matter how great the stories are it all comes down to the almighty dollar. I have you down as holding the line. Thanks MikeC.

  10. If one were to read between the lines…Fox may end up cancelling Fringe. Kevin Reilly said he was not doing a soft cancellation but everything he said was to the contrary. He said that Fringe is expensive and they lose money, he said that the WB would have to cut them a huge deal (or he implied that), he said that they have seen Fringe though to a period of uncertainty, etc.

    He has basically said that Fox have done their part and seem unwilling to do more. So I would rather that they stick to their vision and create a series finale that lets them go out with dignity. I mean already this season has suffered from a reduced budget due to the WB giving away Fringe for syndication purposes. We have not seen the observers more than one time in 7 episodes. We have seen the other side once, we have seen Peter only 3 times. So yeah…more budget cuts would mean only one universe and a lot of the cast gone or taking huge pay cuts. I just do not see Josh Jackson sticking around for that, no point.

    • I read the same comments from Kevin Reilly as you Mike. He did couch some of his words and the rest fell on the side of diplomacy. If things don’t work out for Fringe he can always say they did their best to promote it.

      There seems to be quite of few “over there” episodes in the can as Fringe returns this Friday. So hopefully this will ally some of your fears. February is a sweeps month so let’s hope Fringe can give it a big creative push. If so, May will loom as the next test. Hang in there Mike and thanks for the reply.

  11. Stay true to yourself. This will more than likely be the last season of FRINGE. It’s a money pit for FOX. They gave FRINGE several chances to survive. But sad fact is that it isn’t attracting viewers. The producers knew the risks with a show like this. They made thier bed… I say, lay in it. Take the remaining episodes to wrap up the story/series and go out the way it was intended.

    • OK Zach, duly noted. They seem to have a plan. Any ideas on what you’d like to see if they don’t get renewed? Webisodes? Comics? Fan made films?

  12. I would prefer that Fringe stays true to itself, even if it means the end of the show. But I am still holding out hope that something could be worked out and the show can stay on.

    I applaud FOX for taking a risk on shows like Fringe, and I hope they know we all really appreciate the effort in giving us a show like Fringe that is clearly nothing like any show on TV right now.

    Maybe they could make a Fringe movie!

    • The illustrious Mr. J-Pan! We share the same hopes my friend. If Fox cancels Fringe what would be left to watch? Man, I wish I could think of something, it makes me so Mad! Alright, I’ll stop Hamming it up, you know what I mean!

      A movie would be great. They did it for Firefly! Thanks J-Pan.

  13. Hey folks,

    Stop, collaborate and listen,

    I want to see the big questions answered and then the show should end on a high note. I like the way Fringe has always been different and I like the Legacy story lines. The acting has been superb. The problem that they now face is the the show could start repeating itself and crossing over in certain areas and becoming boring and uninteresting. (ahhh StarTrek Voyager… Anyone remember?).

    One more season is enough. Really it should end soon or the whole thing will spring apart and collapse on itself.

    • What was wrong with Voyager??!!! I thought it got a great jump start with the introduction of the Borg Queen and let’s not Species 8472!

      I was afraid of repetition also. Lost tried it deliberately and people raved over it. I thought it was lame. Thanks for the reply “Dude”.

      (Did you know I am the local chairman of the Alice Krige fan club?)

  14. personally, I’d take a shorter Season 5 over a rushed Series Finale in Season 4.

    • yogabon do you mean like what they are doing with “Chuck”? I don’t think anyone would like a rushed ending. That would be very disappointing. Let’s hope for a strong sweeps month of February. Thanks for the reply!

  15. I don’t watch Chuck, so I’m not sure IdD.
    But I know Dollhouse and Dark Angel suffered from rushed endings. Both had other problems to be sure but they also had parts I really liked, too.

    • I don’t watch Chuck either yogabon but I know it has a passionate following and NBC granted them a short season to wrap up everything. A nice gesture. If it comes down to it I hope Fringe gets the same respect.

      I did watch Dollhouse and it was rushed at the end. If you want to keep up with Dichen Lachman who played “Sierra” she will be doing a turn on SyFy’s “Being Human”. A good show.

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