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Posted by on May 4, 2011 in Blog | 2 comments

There’s No Crossing on Fringe

There’s No Crossing on Fringe

Here’s something I’ve been keeping track of and it’s the use of no crossing signs on Fringe.  Pictured at right is our most recent example from episode 3.21.  In this photo a groggy Peter is waking up in the final scene.  In the background and to the right is the “no crossing” warning.





Another example of the “no crossing” warning comes from episode 3.18, “Bloodline”.  A warning that “Fauxlivia” apparently ignored.







In episode 3.19, “Lysergic Acid Diethyllamide” we get another warning not to cross in this eerie Matrix/Inception like scene.

Coincidence?  I would say probably not.  There is always a message in Fringe.  The obvious answer to all these clues is that “crossing” is a bad idea and the warnings should be heeded.  Yet, seemingly, none of our protagonists have been mindful of these warnings.  I’m hoping we get another “No crossing” warning in the final episode and I’m sure I’ve missed many other occurrences.

So what do you think?  An important warning for our heroes or a clever device for we fans?  If there is another warning of this type in the finale will it be an important signpost for season four?


  1. Terrific catch! I think you’re right on both counts: it’s an unheeded warning for the characters and a reminder to the audience that universe hopping is a no-no!

    The set designers of Fringe never fail to amaze with details like the signs. They add another layer of visual storytelling week after week — and that’s what makes watching the show such a rich experience.

    It was mentioned in the podcast, I think, but when Peter and Walter first arrived in Olivia’s mind in “LSD,” they were met with a slew of “Do Not Enter” and “Authorized Personnel Only” signs.

    Every billboard, each piece of graffiti carries some meaning. Brilliant on their part. And nice work on yours, as well!

  2. All the troubles started with Walter crossing to the other universe when Carla tells him not to cross. I wonder if we see any no crossing signs in the ‘Peter’ episode. It would fits in with the theme.

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