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Posted by on Jun 17, 2012 in Fringe, Podcasts | 1 comment

The Fringe Podcast Summer Rewatch Episode 04

The Fringe Podcast Summer Rewatch Episode 04

In this episode of The Fringe Podcast we wrap up our rewatch of Fringe Season 1 as we discuss Inner Child, Unleashed, Bad Dreams, Midnight, The Road Not Taken and There’s More Than One of Everything. We discuss the death of Sanford Harris and who he may have been working for, the coming battle and the corexiphan soldiers that have been prepared for it, and we also talk about the recurring theme of what would you do for someone you love. We had a lot of great input from Heather and Karen in this episode and thank them for their participation.

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  1. Innerchild and Bad Dreams and the Road not Taken and more than one one of everything:

    -fantastic acting by Anna Torv, never getting the credit.

    -Cortexaphan set up as it should have been, the hightening of the natural resource, and confronting the ones abusing the children.
    But on Fringe we only got this one scene in 4 seasons, and Olivia was the bad one as poorWalter started crying, as he still did in season 4, selpity overload.

    -Olivia and Jacksonville and her past, what a shame that nothing has been done with that.

    -I hated Walter season 1, and again season 4, disliked and again dislike John Nobles acting: Walter turns out to be the one and only character he plays, with a lot of writing, see Walterisms, a lot of attentiongrabbing and overly sentimental scenes, and no consistency in the character at all in S1 and S4, and the actor is to blame for that.
    You get Mood Walter, whatever the writing requires.

    I hoped after Bad Dreams, Road not taken and Olivia with Bell that season 2 and later would dive in the past and the backstory of Olivia Dunham, here we are after 4 seasons, still did not happen,
    not even in the final 4.21 and 4.22 where it should and would have been all about the past of Olivia, but once again we got selfpity Walter.

    Very notably: Olivia Dunham got a line here and there about her stepfather and mother, the line she got about her stepfather in epi 6 season 1, everyone still remembers, thanks to Annas acting, but for some reason so-called critis think that showing acting range is all about attentiongetting,
    actually it is the quiet underneath showing emotions that is the most difficult.

    Bad Dreams : still afavourite episode. great acting by Anna Torv, how she reacted when realizing being abused as a child.

    Road not taken her digust with Walter, beautiful subtle.

    Her meeting Bell, and before that, the entire Olivia character there.

    Season 1 rewatch only confirms how much Olivia Dunham has been destroyed, especially since Firefly season 3, when she was reduced to Peters girl.
    And season 1 rewatch confirms how much great potential storylines they wasted for Pinkner/Wyman obsession to only write for Walter, and second Peter.And only care for Walter and Peter.

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