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Posted by on Jun 10, 2012 in Fringe, Podcasts | 5 comments

The Fringe Podcast Summer Rewatch Episode 03

The Fringe Podcast Summer Rewatch Episode 03

In this episode of The Fringe Podcast we are joined by Hank in Houston and Allan (a.k.a. Xerophytes) for a discussion about the Fringe season 1 episodes, “Safe”, “Bound”, “The Transformation”, “The No-Brainer” and “Ability.” We discuss the motives of David Robert Jones, Agent Loeb, and John Scott. We also discuss several instances of how these episodes tie in to later seasons, and we discuss the war between the redverse vs. the impending war with the Observers. Of course, we also discuss the relationship between Peter and Olivia, cortexiphan, and Peter’s influence on Olivia’s abilities.

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  1. Is getting hard for me to be here for the Live Shows, but I still love that I can download them and listen to them later! Great job!

  2. Oh I like the time tags.

    Also,in every season is Olivia getting kidnapped and rescuing herself.
    My theory for “Letters of transit” she was kidnapped and she is going to rescue herself

  3. During the cast about this one you guys were talking about the device used to break into the safety deposit boxes and the transporter used by Jones to escape from prison as if they were one in the same. The device used to phase through solid matter was being used to steal the components of the transportation device that Walter had hidden. The transporter was the device that Walter had created that could (according to his theory) pluck someone from any time/space. Just wanted to throw in my $.02 on this great synopsis episode.

  4. Great episodes , all the episodes with Olivia Dunham stand the test of rewatch.
    Awesome acting from Anna Torv was what kept me watching and episodes like Bound and Ability.

    Olivia Dunham and Jones had an interesting history, sadly nothing done with that in later seasons and completely wasted chance in season 4.

    Olivia Dunham until Firefly season 3 was the central driving force, the Hero, the Chosen One for an Active role in World saving.
    So many potential great storylines all wasted, as Pinkner only wanted to write for the Bishops.

    Olivia was being dosed with Cortexaphan since the age of 3, to prepare her, to make her able to cross, and to make her special as Jones here in Ability clearly knew.

    There was NEVER a reason to assume that a peter was needed, only the trigger of emotions.

    I hated the rewriting in the second part of season 3 and all the blabla of Pinkner/ Wyman that Olivia Dunham was only capable of using her ability with Peter around.

    Basically ; all the other children had their abilities on their own powers, except for the so-called the strongest Olivia.

    Question is, why needing a Jessica in the finale to Actvate Olivia ( I detest how they treated Olivia in season 4 and especially the finale).

    Question 2: Why put so many needles in poor Olivia as a little girl, when all she needed was Peter?

    I loved the interaction between Jones and Olivia, would have made a great returning storyline and I always thought that Jones would turn out to Olivias natural father.
    The natural father of Olivia, not 1 word on that subject, nothing.
    Her mother a few lines in 4 seasons.

    Question3: Who was the person that forced Olivia to be tortured by Walter and Bell?
    Question4: For what reason? Just to be a human battery? Really?

  5. In the episode safe when a team at massive dynamic couldn’t get “the informations they needed” from John Scott’s hand disk, Nina says: “Well, not to place any undue pressure on you and your team, but we’re in a race against highly motivated individuals – and right now, John Scott is our only advantage.”

    Which highly motivated individuals is she talking about?

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