The Fringe Podcast Episode 526-Fringe Finale Party and Initial Reaction

Jan 20, 2013 | 6 comments

In this episode of The Fringe Podcast we bring you our initial reactions recorded LIVE at our Fringe Finale Party in Oklahoma City. You’ll hear our thoughts on the time reset, the resolution of Walter’s character, the death of Windmark, and some of our favorite moments. You’ll also hear from several members of the Fringe community that attended the party as they share their thoughts on the finale and their experiences over the last 5 seasons. Even though I introduced this as episode 528, it is actually episode 526.

Thank you to everyone that helped make our finale party possible! We’re especially grateful to all those that made donations and attended in person. We also want to thank Global Cash Card for their support for all of season 5 of The Fringe Podcast and covering some of the costs of our Fringe Finale Party!

Join our next live show on February 3 as we give our full finale review and share your feedback! Send in you feedback by calling our voice feedback line at 304-837-2278 or email us at


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  1. TheEnd

    So I read a transcript of the entire talk with Jackson.

    He managed to not mention Anna Torv as usual but Olivia just once , and for the rest she was his wife.

    Jackson also confirmed what was clear that Noble and Jackson bonded togetjer to get Walter and Peter central, and with that pushing Olivia and Anna to the side, isolated.

    Seson 5 reflects how Anna Torv has been treated in Fringe by production and Pinkner and especially Wyman:

    Olivia was set up to be the hero, chosen one, special , see talk with Bell in Over There Twin Towers, see Jacksonville, see Entrada,

    But in season 5 we are now told Olivia has no value, other than being used by either Bell (end S4) or Walter.

    Cortexiphan was about having special children that have natural abilities, and with cortexiphan they were enhanced to save the world, it would always be in their system,

    Nina even had that talk with Olivia at teh end of S4, that she always had the power.

    At the end of S4, to make Walter the hero and Olivia his subject, that was gone,

    This season walter had to be the hero agian, and for that Olivia got her Cortexi to save the boy, Olivia again Walters Subject.

    Walter would never give those injections to Peter.

    512 showed how important Anna Torv central is, there was energy and drive and Anna showed that she is the best double actor around, again another AltLivia in a few moments.

    Wyman cut AltLivia scenes, Wyman cut Olivia scenes, all to make room for another Walter/Peter boring talk, Noblle and Jackson get what they want.

    Noble and Jackosn at Comic Con about Olivia being teh hero, Anna being the lead, and all the time they have been backstabbing her,
    Noble saying how pleased he was that Anna got to play AltLivia in 512, how condescending, the screentime for Anna as AltLivia was less than 1 of those totally boring musicscenes of Walter.

    So Wyman has decided that all the credit should go to John-I need my Emmy-Noble and Josh-I am the star-Jackson.

    They got all the writing, Noble and Jackson got their boring Walter and Peter scenes, Anna the entire season did not even get 1 decent longer scene,

    Noble needs all teh writing for his Walter that can do what he wants, if he has to play a strict broken Walter, he falters, and blames the writers. Noble is Overrated.

    Jackson is a generic boring actor, who did nothing for Olivia and Peter, that all had to come from Anna, and he even was chewing gum in the emotional scenes.
    With Noble jackson did his best, they gor the tearjerker and big scenes, so all teh credit.

    Noble got all he wanted, Jackson got his wish, all at the expense of Anna Torv,
    It is clear that they were involved from the start,
    Anna Torv only got a talk through, and that must have been Wymanspinning and lying,

    as Anna Torv clearly is disappointed with what they did to her character this season and the entire series.

    And Jackson had the last shot, the last wrap.

    Anna Torv, nr 1 on the call sheet,
    Anna Torv the outstanding actor on Fringe, creating all those versions of Olivia (and AltLivia), , no help from the writers, a few facts to give us multi-layered Olivia,

    Anna Torv never got the credit, not even from the production and co, not Pinkner and totally not Wyman,

    Every other showrunner would give her all the material for an Emmy, but Anna Torv had to make her own material most of the time, most of all this season.

    Wyman has treated Anna disgustingly, he should explain himself, but he is a coward.

    • david

      you guys need to get over the anna treatment. She had more than enough screen time over the last 5 years. John Noble is not overrated. He is one of the greatest actors. As for Josh not mentioning Anna, well, it’s pretty obvious that don’t like each other

  2. Kim

    I have to admit I kinda share the same feeling with TheEnd. I’m a bit bitter with the end of the show. I’ve followed Fringe since the very beginning and I’m not sure I got what I was hoping. I was always mind blown at every end of seasons but this time I knew what was going to happen. I was expecting a huge shift or something else that didn’t come. I probably shouldn’t have watched the teasers. Everything was in it. No surprises for me in the end. Resetting time? I did not like it.

    For some reasons, the main plot was focused on Peter and Walter closure to the detriment of Olivia storyline. From the very beginning of the series we start with her and we dive into her world. She’s a unique strong character with a fragility we get love. Don’t get me wrong I love both Peter and Walter.

    But seriously what happened to the girls? Etta and Nina died. Astrid was mainly in the lab all the time. Talking about her, she disappeared when Windmark and Olivia’s fight? She could have easily kill Windmark when he was holding Olivia. But I understand it was more powerful to have Olivia killing him. But then why was Astrid there then? How did they know where Windmark disappeared with Peter and Michael?!! If Michael was so intelligent why didn’t help them more in the end so that nobody got killed? Or he can go Back to the Future with his dad? Just a thought.

    Of course in the end Olivia gets to kick some ass and saves the boy but I don’t feel it’s enough for me. She’s way more than that and we don’t get to see it. She’s been used from her childhood until now. Cortexifan, then no, let’s start over and give her some as an adult, then she doesn’t have it in her system anymore ?!!, then let’s do it again in 4 shots. She’s a subject from beginning to end and it makes it boring as if the writers didn’t know what to do with her storyline. Is her only purpose to have powers only when it’s convenient ?

    I wished they would have done more with this awesome character. She’s so much more than a girl with power. Her true power is from within. We start the journey with her and I wished we would have ended it with her rather than with Peter. She doesn’t have her moment. She’s the one who suffered the most throughout the show and it seems we don’t acknowledge it. They don’t do justice to Olivia.

    Yes she get to end up with Peter but is that it? I’m not sure he deserves her. I’m sorry I may be a bit too picky but my favorite show just ended and I’m sharing my mixed emotions. Overall it is still a fantastic show! Thanks for your great work and amazing podcast! I’m looking forward to start over again from season 1 to 5 and listen to your silly songs, banana bet, French words and of course excellent comments on each episodes. J’adore! :p

    Stay fringetastic and keep it nerdy, always!



  3. BostonRedVines

    Oh Darrell & Clint …the battle has begun!! Yes…I was the worst bowler, but did you have to post this ON my Birthday?!!! BTW, my husband agrees that I WAS the worst bowler…I need lessons from Sam!! Great weekend-BTW. Loved Bricktown and it was great meeting everyone in person! 🙂

  4. BostonRedVines

    OMG…Leonard Nimoy is gonna beam my husband’s a$$ into a pocket universe where the yankees always win. Yikes!!


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