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Posted by on Jan 14, 2013 in Fringe, Podcasts | 3 comments

The Fringe Podcast Episode 523-Exclusive Ari Margolis Interview

The Fringe Podcast Episode 523-Exclusive Ari Margolis Interview

In this episode of The Fringe Podcast we share our exclusive interview with Ari Margolis. Ari is the Creative Manager, Drama – in Special Ops for FOX. He has worked on many of the online video content for Fringe over the last 5 seasons and has played an instrumental part in bridging the fandom with the creative with the show. Ari is also responsible for several of the cast interviews we’ve seen, the recap videos and even some of the content shown at the Fringe panel at Comic-Con. Ari not only works for FOX, but he is a true fan of the show. You can follow Ari on Twitter at the handle, @jonxproductions.

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  1. John Noble gets far too much credit for Walter,

    1. Noble gets all the writing , all the backstory, the big scenes, the gadgets, etc,

    (Anna Torv does not even get 12% of what he gets, see how in season 5 she still is being the victim, nothing doen with her family or past, etc)

    2. Walter in the lab is a clear copy of Walter Lewin, a 70+ MIT prof Physics,

    go to You Tube , search Walter Lewin MIT, andyou see him teaching, much more funny and original.

    So Walter is not that creation of Noble, and I find it shocking how he needs to get all the credit all the time from everyone around Fringe,
    (and on top all the episodes with him central gave to be the best. They are not, Peter is overrated, too much pancake for one, and Sunject 13 was just mediocre, Leters of transit horrible.)

    Noble gets all the writing, which is a disgrace, Anna Torv is the main lead, and in Season 5 half the episodes she has to her acting non-verbal/silent, as she gets no lines.

    I want to see Noble act with the same lousy material Anna Torv gets and has gotten a lot of the time, lets see where he is then.

    WALTER LEWIN MIT , watch You Tube, and you see a really funny Walter.

  2. Hmmm, getting some static on this thread.

    Filtering out the noise so far here, let me steer things back on course – FANTASTIC interview Clint and Darrell!

    Great to hear from Ari – who as you both noted – did a fantastic job with his promos for the show. It was a treat for us fans and he really helped the show when it moved to Friday nights.

    Look forward to seeing what Ari does in the future.

    Thanks so much to Ari for doing the interview and to you guys for putting this up for us.

    Muchly appreciated!

  3. I agree WalterPeters Fringe ruin Olivia. Wymen shame! Mom would be much disappoint!

    We make our own show “Noboys Allowed Fringe” with girls only Olivia only Astred Nina. Possible Ella Etta tho not same person. Broyles maybe only in drag. No Boys allowed Fringe..

    Just watch Wyman hates women. Our show better than yours, “No boys Allowed Fringe” fall on Lifetime.

    Fringe hate Olivia., No GodsPeter. Thank you walterWyman for kill Olivia best female woman on telvision.

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