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The Fringe Podcast Episode 522-The Boy Must Live

The Fringe Podcast Episode 522-The Boy Must Live

In episode 522 of The Fringe Podcast we share our thoughts on the pre-penultimate episode of Fringe titled, “The Boy Must Live.” We discuss the multitude of answers revealed in the episode surrounding Donald/September and his relationship with Michael. We talk about the plan that was revealed to potentially reset the timeline and the consequences that might bring. We share our opinions on Walter’s healed mind and new memories. We also discuss the info we learned about how the Observers came in to existence and much more.

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  1. Walter will probably die and come back it’s his turn, A version of Broyles dies and comes back, Bell died and came back, David Robert jones dies and comes back (then dies again), Peter was erased from time and came back and even Olivia died and came back. Walter (and probably Nina) will come back when they reset time.

    • Fringe has made Olivia redundant in a horrible way, Wyman turned her in Peters wife, and hald of teh time this season she has no lines, running joke is when will Olivia get a line.

      Anna Torv does amazing non-verbal acting constantly, watch her face when Donlad does his Fringe rewrite story, but that does not get credit,
      Every showrunner would love to have Anna as the lead and give her Emmy material, herbadluck she ended with Fringe and especially Wyman.

      The credit goes to the tearjerker scenes and the big overblwon emotions of Walter and Peter.

      I hate this season, for what it did to Olivias role and how it rewrites everything that was told in Seasons 1 until 3.
      Over There and the worlds , a war that was coming hence the cortexiphan children and Olivia then special one, all gone, wasted .

      I already disliked the way Olivia was treated from 4.12 onwards , giving up her life and the finale how she was used and killed, but S5 beats that in miles, Wyman seems to have a women problem.

      Fringe has now become the White Male Show, White men witout hair cold and emotionless,
      White men with hair (Bishops) Overthetop emoting.
      All about men, where until seson 3 and even season 4 Olivia was going to be the savior (together with Walter and Peter,
      now Olivia is the ultimate used woman, the victim.

      The Ending will be:

      Olivia will die as a result of the cortexiphan she will get in 5.12, it will be too much, so this means that Walter kills her , Walter will start crying, another round of selfpiity, and all feel sorry for him, who cares for Olivia??
      (BTW a lot of people already want Olivia to die, this is how Wyman wants it)
      Peter will do his crying part, and for the rainbow part we get a flasback to the part.

  2. A thought regarding the emotions issue. I’m thinking about this from a Neuroscience background (my degree subject) but I’m a) far from an expert and b) extrapolating in a science fiction way…

    The human brain is a very adaptable organ. It works by adapting. Memories of things that have happened/we have learned are formed by establishing connections in the brain (basically) and by attaching those memories we can form emotional bonds (e.g. between positive feelings and a person) yadda yadda

    So, perhaps when September’s device was removed, he no longer used all of his brain to the extent he did before (as we saw with the scans of brains with devices in) and some new connections were formed. Perhaps over time he re-established emotions. After all, the removal of emotions was a forced evolution experiment in 2167 not a natural evolution. Emotions have been evolutionarily beneficial for humans for hundreds of years.

    Furthermore, I think with the observer’s feelings of love towards the girl early in the show, September’s attachment to the plight of Walter and Peter, the lizard toe-tap to the jazz, and Windmark’s apparent hated of “the fugutives” demonstrated by his request to wipe them out “it consumes me” – are the observers completely devoid of emotion anyway? Do new emotional connections form in their brain, just from a more stunted start position as it were?

    In conclusion… I don’t think it was inconsistent to what we’ve been told about observers, as there are examples of Observers being less machine-like than they would like to be, right from Season 1.

    • Everything in season 5 is rewriting by Wyman, and for me it has destroyed everything I loved about Fringe.

      • While I respect your opinion despite disagreeing, which parts of the Observers in particular do you feel have been rewritten or destroyed?

  3. Peter (as a boy) was dying of a “genetic” disease… Perhaps with any proper reset, the boy won’t HAVE this disease somehow. Obviously, no one else in the family lineage has it, so it can’t be THAT “genetic”…. So maybe it was given to him by someone??

    That’s one thing I really do hope they explain. What his illness was, and why he had it. If they can get rid of THAT element, then Peter on either side will never have to die, the cure will never have to be found, Walternate will never be distracted, Walter will never watch and cross over, and no one will (almost) drown in Reiden Lake. Peter will grow up on both sides, meet one or both Olivias (respectively), and a couple different baby nuggets can be born.

    Problem solved.

  4. One quick thought. Do they say that Walter will die or that he will have to “sacrifice himself”. Given that the major emotional thrust in this episode has to do with things fathers do for sons, and that Walter’s arc this season about predominantly what his “self” is, I think the result we’re pointing to is a loop. Yes it all reverts back to the lab and Walter discovering the cure. But it will be clear that the plan hasn’t worked. That Walter, unhumbled by the events of Seasons 1-4, somehow becomes the progenetor of the Observers (is HE the scientist? did they say the scientist is Norweigian or just that he was IN Norway (that’s the only place on the planet non-Observer humans can live by then, in that atmosphere)?

    And what is the “success” that the Observers are seeking to ensure happens? That that scientist in 2149 creates them?

    Not sure where this is all going, except to say that there were at least 2 carefully worded (and repeated) things in this episode: 1) sacrifice him/your/myself and 2) Norway. And I don’t believe it’s an accident.

    • Walter has always been about himself, he is an arrogant egocentric bastard, his self is the man that used 3 year children as labrats,
      his self is the man that killed millions to prove he had acure,

      No way that Walters sacrifices himself, he would not know how.

      The only one who knows about sacrifice is Olivia, and she has to do it in 5.12 where she gets that lethal shot of cortexiphan.

      There have been so many red herrings, to suggest cleverness, that is Wyman, he says the most stupid things, but uses a lot of fancy words to do so.

  5. FringeWomen you obviously don’t care about anything else in the show but Olivia. The show is way more than that, however, and I believe you’d enjoy it alot more if you didn’t cling to the idea of Olivia having to be the be-all and end-all hero of the Fringe.

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