The Fringe Podcast Episode 510-An Origin Story

Nov 4, 2012 | 3 comments

In episode 510 of The Fringe Podcast we break down the season 5 episode, “An Origin Story.” We talk about Peter’s action’s at the end of the episode and whether or not this will cause him to become an observer, we talk about the drastically different ways that Peter and Olivia are dealing with the same situation, and we share our thoughts on several parallels we saw between this episode and episodes from previous seasons. We also talk about the brilliant writing, music, and acting in this episode and how this episode might just go down as one of the all time great Fringe episodes.

We also talked about more Blade Runner tie-ins and Clint tells us how Peter’s eye movement test is used in the real world.

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  1. The Unabeefer

    When you guys were talking about the shipping lane gateway and how the Observers didn’t seem worried about causality in their invasion, it got me considering that maybe, just maybe, they are the product of the Redverse future and invaded the Blueverse past.

    You said the lightning and portal reminded you (as it did me) of two events that both involved the two universes merging (either through degredation of the “membrane” or through DRJ opening a gateway)… perhaps that’s what the Observers are doing… only with time travel as well.

  2. Anna

    It is a piece of tech, known by Bell, he made the gun that can kill them, someone else from his school, Windmark, will have created them.
    They seem to be what Bell and Walter wanted back in season 1, modified soldiers, and shapeshifterlike tech, also no feelings.
    Windmark will probably be an enemy of Bell, so Bell decided that abused children like OLivia are great to use as labrats for their egotrip.
    ( I hate the fact that Fringe has never done a storyarc to conden that use of children, but shows us over and over again that that Walter loved his Peter, and that the only one who knows what loss is is Walter, he even is so arrogant to preach to Olivia, Olivia who lost mother, father, childhood, man, partner)

    My idea why they are only men: they are recruited as boys, like the castrates once were, and with the tech they grow up to be Observers.

    So Peter will not get what he wants, but I hope he will lose OLivia with it and that she kicks him in the head.

    Peter is arrogant and egocentric like his father, not talking how he treats Olivia like a dumb little woman,
    but his action will kill thousands of innocent people.

    So Fringe has forgotten that Olivia Dunham is an intelligent, strong , independent woman and a trained FBI agent.
    The Chosen One was said in the beginning of season 2.

    Olivia in the pilot was complete , she cried, she laughed, she loved she was angry, in come the Bishop Boys, she gets closed off by the writers,
    and the only storyline she seems to get since then is needing Peter, and caring for Walter and Peter.
    From season 2 onwards, with at the end of season 2 the first kneefall of Olivia for God Peter,
    then she was brainwashed to suit the God Peter has to choose storyline,
    and then she had to give up her life for Pter in season 4.
    I fear for Olivia season 5.

    That Olivia Dunham damaged by Walter as a child pumped full with Cortexaphan for his egocentric science, has to be taught by that Walter how to feel, no bigger insult possible.

    That conman arrogant Peter is the boy she has to run after and give up her being for, is how to kill a character.

    There are more feelings to explore than over and over again Olivia needing Peter,
    What about anger, anger towards all the men that abused her,
    Olivia angry with Walter should have been a season arc.

    Olivia Dunham has not had an Active storyarc sinde Firefly season 3, she has been written Passive, Lost, Reflective and as an Object end season 4.

    And now season 5 is going to use her once again to save those arrogant egocentric Bishop Boys.

    What a waste of great character and an awesome actress, Anna Torv has kept Olivia alive .

  3. Devin

    I totally agree with what was said about Olivias character becoming ‘not much more’ than her needing or mooning over Peter. It has been a sad thing to watch this strong, intelligent and resourseful woman be turned away from all those qualities.

    I do love the show’s creative ideas still, as well as I can’t help loving Walter aside from what he did In the past to Olivia.



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