The Fringe Podcast Episode 508-The Bullet That Saved The World

Oct 28, 2012 | 4 comments

In episode 508 of The Fringe Podcast we share our thoughts on the shocking developments in the Fringe season 5 episode, “The Bullet That Saved the World.” We talk about the return of Broyles and the reunion he shared with the Fringe team, we give our opinions on the death of Etta and how she might come back into the show, and we discuss the effect her death may have on Peter and Olivia. We also talk about who might be revealed to be The Dove, the reappearance of old Fringe investigation items, Etta’s ability to teach others to block Observer mind reads, Manifest Destiny, and our new level of hatred for Windmark.

In our Science of Tomorrow segment, Clint discusses technologies used to regrow skin tissue, and in our Fringe Binge segment we announce an extension to our Bridge the Backstory Contest, Darrell’s appearance at New Media Expo coming up in January, and we report that we have been announced as finalists for the 2012 Podcast Awards!

Here are the links mentioned in this episode:
Artificial Skin Growth Article
Kilroy Was Here Article
Bacon Factor Easter Egg

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  1. Anna

    Olivia Dunham and September have a connection, see in season 2 and at the end of season 4.(and Inner Child )

    Olivia is the only one ( with Bell ) who can cross universes on her own, so why not timetravel like September.

    Olivia is olivia, olivebranch, the dove the with olivebranch is peace,

    I think Olivia is The Dove, or she and September together.

    Olivia has already been reduced to passive woman since Firefly, lost and reflective, I want her to end the series being back important again.

    And being important in the way of being the driving force in saving the world.

    Not Olivia the mother of Peter and Walter and being pregnant at the end,which I am afraid is going to happen.
    This is what you get if you do not write fo your female lead character,
    but instead focus on Walter and Peter and now Etta , people forget that Olivia once was the Chosen One.

  2. Andres Echevarria

    I just listened to the episode and it was another good one. I was frustrated with the Broyles conversation. It was pretty clear in the episode that Etta taught Broyles how to block his thoughts from the observer. Peter asked him how long it took and he said about a year.

    • mardarrell

      You’re right Andres. I’m not sure why Clint thought otherwise. Broyles clearly told Peter that Etta taught him to block his thoughts and that it took him a year to learn it.

  3. Kristin (a/k/a @serenityinall)

    Great podcast episode. There were some things I think ya’ll missed and I always want to leave feedback during the podcast or just after listening. lol I always get so much out of the podcasts and think of so many new ideas after.

    Andres is right where Broyles does say Etta taught him to block the Observers. So perhaps she is “special” as she could do that and teach others. As for “the Dove,” I actually agree with whomever (sorry, can’t recall which one) said that “the Dove” is NOT Broyles. That’s too easy I think. We also know it was a man based on the Observer’s interrogation of the Loyalist as he asked the name of “the Dove” and what’s HIS name. I think Broyles was nervous as he was seeing that the Observer was finding out important info and was concerned he’d be compromised. This is especially true if Broyles got the resistance supporter into the Loyalist. I am unsure where I am on “the Dove” being September, yet I think it is possible. I also wondered if this “Dove” could be the Douglas mentioned? Or, perhaps a real shocker – that in this Season Bell ends up being “the Dove.” Wouldn’t that be interesting?

    I am sorry that Anna above thinks Olivia has been relegated to a more passive role. I am not of this thought. I simply think the others have become more active and therefore are making the playing field more even (so to speak). Not one character is standing out at this point as the sole hero and I like that for now. I do think that Olivia will somehow be the hero, the sacrifice or something by the end of this all. We shall see. Grant it, Olivia is my favorite character for all sorts of reasons so I tend to hope more for that character. I do think there is some sort of time anomaly with Olivia as she is remembering things differently and is remembering things that appear to be in a different timeline in one way or another. We may find this all will tie in with previous seasons and her “time” issues.

    I also do NOT like how the Bishops are all off and doing whatever while Astrid is constantly left alone at an Observer stronghold. This just seems strange and out of sync to me with the way things are in 2036.

    I had some other thoughts after listening to the episode, but they are gone now. Oops. Maybe the Observers took them – ha! Regardless, I am LOVING this season and can’t wait for the upcoming episodes! Thanks for reading.


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