The Fringe Podcast Episode 506-The Recordist

Oct 14, 2012 | 2 comments

In episode 506 of The Fringe Podcast we discuss the Fringe season 5 episode titled, “The Recordist.” We share our thoughts on the character development between Peter, Olivia and Etta. We talk about the decision of The Recordist to sacrifice himself and how the red rocks might be used. We also give our opinions on who Donald is, if Astrid should have been left alone in the lab, the symbolism of the episode’s ending and how the loyalist working for the resistance might come back in to the plot for future episodes.

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Here are the links mentioned in this episode:
Article On epidermodysplasia verruciformis (Tree Man’s Disease)
Video of a man with epidermodysplasia verruciformis
Here’s the article and video on Disney’s 3D Optics

Here is the Humanity’s Only Hope video from FOX.

Here are the screen captures of the articles the recordist showed Walter:

[soundcloud id=’63450587′]


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  1. Ramona Black

    First episode of the beta max tape treasure hunt an obvious homage to Star Trek – will they continue this trend and play with a different genre for each tape? Could be a lot of fun if this is the case. As long as they are advancing the story forward each week I would get a kick out out of this treatment.

  2. Anna

    Please not every week a hunt, but it looks like it see epi 6 title.

    I had hope that Wyman would remember that the central lead is Olivia, they forgot about that after Marionette,

    and if one thing is certain after 3 episodes this season, it is how important Olivia is, and how important Anna Torv is, again outstanding in this episode, awesome.

    I hated the 419 setting , and story with the few Fringeteam against the nazi observers is boring and simplistic.

    So here is what I hope :

    Since they never did anything with Olivias past, what about Windmark being her father, which would make the entire thing a more personal journey, and given more depth,

    When Olivia was still important, we had the childobserver that had a connection with her, September had a crush on her (2.08)
    In the finale of S4 they all of the sudden remembered that bond.

    Or make September Olivias father and Windmark the stepfather, as fathers are declared holy on Fringe.

    BTW Olivias first 3 years were never accounted for, nor who her father is, so is that a sign?


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