The Fringe Podcast Episode #0203, “The Night of Desirable Objects”

Sep 27, 2009 | 4 comments

In this episode we review Fringe season 2 eipisode 2, “The Night of Desirable Objects.” We discuss the highs and (mostly) lows of the epidsode, clarify a scene from the season 2 premiere, and answer a lot of listener feedback. Send in your feedback to or call us on the Fringe phone at 304-837-2278.

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Prosper photo (Episode 0203 clue?)

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  1. I_Hardy

    Hi Courtney and Guys,

    Just wanted to make a quick comment on this podcast…. (great podcast as usual!) I really don’t think this episode was a waste. If I,ve understood this series right – and I probably haven’t …. 🙂 – nothing goes to waste. Everything has a reason, and we’l probably see why at one point in time. This episode was one of my favorites, but maybe because I was such an Outer Limits fan way back when… (Courtney, you just gotta take a weekend and cocoon with some X-Files and Outer Limits… and Rocky Road ice cream…..) The Peter/Walter relationship almost seemed to be just slightly echoed in the Dad/monster boy plot….. could there be some kind of clue there? And the kid who looked like he could be the Observer’s son….. Maybe amidst the dimensions, there is some kind of Relationship thread happening…..? (or not, just some thoughts….)

    Anyway thanks for another interesting podcast! 🙂

    I Hardy

  2. Lise

    I was thinking about a couple of things after listening to the podcast. The word mirror in glyphs made me look back at the episode. Did anyone else notice that during the scenes in the backroom at the typewriter there was a mirror on the desk. When they zoomed out and showed both the typewriter on the desk and it’s reflection in the mirror it appeared that only the reflection had keys moving from the “other-side”. Oh and there was a brief moment where Peter heard a fly moving at about the same volume as Olivia did… is this a normal side effect of inter-dimensional travel, and if it is what else does Peter have?

  3. Art

    Anyone notice that the house in this episode was the same house used in the x-files episode “Home” in season 4. The episode was aired once and not rerun for a few years as it was very controversial. This episode dealt with a family that had inbred for several generations in a PA town. The result was a family that was deformed and aggressive in their behavior. (Like the deformed offspring?)

    PS Thanks for reading my tweet on the last podcast (team_CSG)

  4. Dan

    Your rss feeds don’t work in programs like juice and primetime podcast receiver, boooooooo.


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