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Posted by on May 26, 2012 in Fringe, Podcasts | 3 comments

TFP Episode 451-Second Feedback For “Brave New World” Part 2

TFP Episode 451-Second Feedback For “Brave New World” Part 2

In this episode of The Fringe Podcast, we share news about Seth Gabel’s role in the upcominge 5th season and Discovery’s Science Channel picking up syndication rights of Fringe. We then take another batch of feedback we received about the season 4 finale of Fringe and discuss them.

Send in your feedback and theories to 304-837-2278 or


  1. Wow – three consecutive podcasts and NOT a single “emailed” feedback was read.

    That makes me not want to email in my well-constructed thoughts that I spend sixty minutes formulatiing. Instead, I will just call and blather for two minutes.

    • Exactly.

    • Sorry we didn’t read your email, Doc. We’ve always said that we prefer voicemails. If you think you’d have enough to say on a regular basis that is too long for us to read on the show, you might want to consider emailing us to be one of our blog contributors.

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