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Posted by on May 16, 2012 in Fringe, Podcasts | 3 comments

TFP Episode 450-Feedback For “Brave New World Part 2″

TFP Episode 450-Feedback For “Brave New World Part 2″

In this episode of The Fringe Podcast, we have the first dose of listener feedback we received for the season 4 finale, “Brave New World Part 2″. We hear thought about Olivia’s super human powers, what to expect in season 5, and the revelation that Olivia is pregnant. We also hear from some folks who were not satified with the finale and what they thought would have been better, reactions to the return of Leonard Nimoy as William Bell and we’ll see if Clint can pass up the chance to make himself better than Darrell.

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  1. Jeff Pinkner said at the beginning of this season that season 4 would be a loveltter to Fringe.

    Season 4 was:

    Pinkners Love letter to Walter and Peter Bishop.

    Pinkners Hate letter to Olivia Dunham.

    Pinkner truly hates the character Olivia Dunham, and it came together in the way she was killed, like an animal,
    and how she was used this season as an Object, Version 1 exchanged for Version 2 via Cortexiphan, and pregnant while being Actvivated by Bell.

    Not even in the final they gave her a chance to confront Bell and Walter, 2 lines she got in the final to tell us that she was still being Used and Abused by Bell and Walter.

    Olivia Dunham : Once a victim, always a victim.

    Pinkner would never kill Peter like that, and would never kill Walter like that, not Astrid.

    But he kills Olivia like that, shot in the head like an animal, second time.
    That shows how much he hates the character,

    And I feel very sorry for Anna Torv for having to play a character like Olivia Dunham, that has all the potential to be a great character with great storylines and character developments (see the pilot) but every time Anna Torv has to destroy her own character, for the sake of Peter and Walter.
    With that Pinkner also shows how little respect he has for Anna Torv as an actor.
    There is still a great character Olivia Dunham thanks to the brilliance of Anna Torv, not the writing.

    And many Olivia fans feel like I do, since Firefly and most of all this season.

    If you want to know where Walter Bishop comes from:

    Watch Walter Lewin, 72 year old professor Physics at M.I.T., yes you read well a Walter at M.I.T.

    He gives lectures online, and if you see him you see that Walter Bishop is the copy of Walter Lewin.
    Same antics, same way of explaining things, same reactions etc.

    Walter Lewin, watch him on you tube, and see where Noble and the showrunners get their Walter.

  2. I have to agree with Clint on two things: the Fringe season finale and the Lost series finale. On the Fringe finale, i’d even go a little further in that i thought the whole thing was overall a bit dodgy. Of course, it’s Fringe, and i love Fringe. But i thought the entire episode was rushed, clunkily executed and poorly written, with some of the worst dialogue in the show’s history. And that goes for both parts of the finale, though moreso for the second part. The only things i liked were the usual things like the brilliant performances, fantastic music and gorgeous cinematography. Also, there was the terrifically creepy Crazy Eyes Charlotte interrogation scene, and the ending bit with the always fascinating September. It’s too bad too, because the two episodes before the 2 part finale (Letters of Transit and Worlds Apart) were so brilliant, with Letters of Transit just a super-cool, fun ride, and Worlds Apart a much more beautiful and moving “ending”. I’d probably give both parts a C+ (or 6.5/7).

  3. As for Lost, i’d go a bit easier on the final season. The sideways half of the finale was a huge let-down, and rectroactively ruined what had been an interesting, if bumpy, sideways world (the Hurley, Locke and Ben episodes were great, and the Jack storyline i found very moving (i was always a Jack fan)). But then to have it all, in the last 10 minutes, turn into some hokey, “spiritual” waiting room/purgatory was sooo disappointing. I didn’t *hate* it per se, but for a show that had been so consistently brilliant, for so long, with so few missteps (Bai Ling, Nikki & Paulo), it was a real blow. The on-island stuff, however, was pretty great. Sure, the temple was a let down, and Across the Sea was a bit of a mess (i actually kinda liked it). The rest, though, was excellent, with Ab Aeterno and The End stand-outs. And the island (read: real) ending was just beautiful and perfect. It sucks that the last season had to be it’s worst, but Lost had been nearly flawless ’til then, and i’m just fine with that.

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