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Posted by on May 13, 2012 in Fringe, Podcasts | 1 comment

TFP Episode 449-Brave New World Part 2

TFP Episode 449-Brave New World Part 2

In this episode of The Fringe Podcast we discuss part 2 of the season 4 finale, “Brave New World.” We start out the episode by playing clips from a round table interview we did with Leonard Nimoy and hear his thoughts on Fringe and why he decided to come out of retirement for this role. We also share our thoughts on the episode as a whole, the death of Olivia, Olivia’s powers, Olivia’s pregnancy and her possible loss of cortexiphan powers. We also discuss the Observers, William Bell’s disappearance, the acting and directing of the episode, AND we just might settle up on a couple of banana bets. All of this and SO much more!

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1 Comment

  1. This episode was great until the killing like an animal of Olivia by Walter scene.

    I thought we finally got an active storyline for Olivia Dunham in BNW 1 and 2 but how wrong.

    Olivia was Actvated by Bell, once Abused always Abused?, and it came in handy so that the writers did not have to write for Olivia.
    We were going to get the Olivia Dunham arc from 4.14 onwards, after Jones tested her, (JJ Abrams at TCA), but for some reasons (complaining Noble?) Olivia and the corexaphan storyline turned in the Walter arc.

    Instead of Olivia learning how to deal with her abilities, we got Bell who Activates her like an Object, and uses her to for his plans, Violation of the worst kind.
    And her other abuser Walter shoots her like a dog, and is made the hero.

    That was according to the fans the best scene?? So they cry for Astrid, but feel nothing for how Olivia is treated?

    Everyone was going about the little moment on the roof with Peter last week,

    NOTHING is said about how Olivia is being treated, Used by Bell, Walter and Peter (see Amber to Blue for Peters Homecoming).

    I waonder what Anna Torv thinks about how they destroyed her character? She did not like the second half of season 3, with Olivia being a sort of victim, well that was the only thing she seemed to be this season.

    I read at places that Walter shooting Olivia was character growth for walter, so what does that say about how the writers have treated Olivia since the pilot?

    Olivia Abused by Bell and Walter as a child, still abused and used by Bell, and used by Walter.

    Olivia Dunham until Marionette:
    strong, independent, iron will, fighter, survivor, savior, hero, active.
    Olivia Dunham after Marionette:
    Object, puppet, victim, used, abused, violated, passive

    For me Olivia Dunham is still this great character only because of Anna Torvs brilliant acting. She was the only constant factor this season, every second on the screen we saw which Olivia was which, saw everything they went through.

    This could have been the last season of Fringe, which would mean still nothing done with the backstory of Olivia, and a last season where Olivia has been sacrificed to Lincoln, Walter and most of all Peter.

    They should at least have given Olivia the cliffhanger, and most of all have her confront the two horrible bastards that are Bell and Walter, Walter even more as he sees himself as the Poor Walter.

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