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Posted by on Apr 29, 2012 in Fringe, Podcasts | 4 comments

TFP Episode 445-”Worlds Apart”

TFP Episode 445-”Worlds Apart”

In this episode of The Fringe Podcast we break down the season 4 episode, “Worlds Apart.” We discuss how David Robert Jones plans to survive the mutual destruction of both universes, how this episode tied in with episodes we’ve seen previously this season and other seasons, and the excellent work from John Noble in this episode. We also readdress some of our comments from our “Letters of Transit” podcast, theorize on whether or not we will see the redverse again, how this sets up the two-part season finale, and, of course, we share our thoughts and excitement on the news that Fringe has been renewed for a fifth season!

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Links discussed in this episode:
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  1. I’ve hv recently re-watched season 1 ep 19 road not taken … there is a part where there is a “crazy” man emmanual greyson , talking bout william bell preparing soldiers for a war with THE PEOPLE FROM THE FUTURE WHO ARE HERE TO CHANGE THE TIMELINE. is this a hint/ an inspiration for letters of transit?.. does that make any sense?.. can some give any idea?

  2. “Like Firefly. Too soon?”

    YES! TOO SOON! *starts to cry a river* LOL!

    Brave New World = Decanted Babies

    I’d go on Fringe to appear for 3 seconds frozen in amber. Of course, I’m battling with Walter to who is more unstable.

    You two should roleplay more often! LOL!

    I haven’t sen a lot of movies, but I know enough about them to fool people.

  3. I just figured out the reason why the writers had DRJ use a crowbar to attempt to subdue Peter! It was to juxtapose the IRONY that Peter had a crowbar of his own… in Olivia. Remember that Olivia was a “crowbar” for Peter once before when he couldn’t get to the machine. Oh DRJ, the irony is there of you choosing a crowbar to attack Peter with only to be vanquished by Peter’s own cortexiphan crowbar in Olivia. Or rather Peter was Olivia’s crowbar in this latter case.

  4. I’ll add that DRJ might have wielded a tire iron but a tire iron can be used as a crowbar so the juxtaposition should still work.

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