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Posted by on Apr 25, 2012 in Fringe, Podcasts | 5 comments

TFP Episode 444-Feedback For “Letters of Transit”

TFP Episode 444-Feedback For “Letters of Transit”

In this episode of The Fringe Podcast, we hear listener feedback for the Fringe episode, “Letters of Transit.” We received a lot of great feedback about the Observers, William Bell, and the various plot elements in this episode. Discussion also includes Blade Runner and The Prisoner tie-ins to this episode, and we continue to discuss whether or not Olivia was dead during the episode. One of our listeners also calls in and mentions the book, Timequake by Kurt Vonnegut (Amazon affiliate link).

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  1. Who talks about The Prisoner? I didn’t hear anything in this podcast, yet it’s in the show description? False advertising! :(

  2. I think it is possible that Jones may know about the Observers and the future but is trying to prevent it, but he may just be a zealot that goes too far in his methods and has a disregard for humanity. Not entirely dissimilar to how Walternate was the villain at first but we later get to understand his motives.

    I think at one point Walter, Bell and Jones knew because him getting his brain back at the perfect time seems too convenient a lot like the movie Paycheck, where Ben Affleck sees the future and strategically gives himself things to help himself in the future. Also because the cortexiphan tests and abilities seem more useful in fighting Observers than the Other Universe.

  3. Either Olivia won’t die or she will die and come back. If Peter can be erased and come back then Olivia can die and come back.

    Also if Henrietta’s inherited cortexiphan abilities blocks the Observers abilities to read her mind, then possibly Olivia’s cortexiphan abilities may block or distort the Observer’s ability to see her future. I don’t think September’s predictions is necessarily reliable.

  4. Omar – I like your theory about Jones. Although Jones also seems to have an aversion to human emotion and views it as a weakness so maybe he’s on the Observer’s side. Maybe Bell and Jones both saw the future and Bell was opposed to it and Jones for it and that’s what caused them to split.

  5. I think the deal is that the red and blue universes are timelines (think roads) and in fact the Observers who remember are the human race but from the furture who have burned up their resources are using the one road (the red one I guess) to get back in time.

    Now as a side point the Observers are actually the enhanced humans spawned from the trials that Belly and Walter Bishop produced as a result of their trials. This is why they have developed telepathic abilities which means they are in fact in a mental state of stasis e.g. they have learned to live with each other in the future because everyone is able to know what everyone else is thinking so no one can take advantage anymore only consume.

    And so the likes of september etc are actually scouts who are looking for the most appropriate time in history to return to to redress the current future to a sustainable one.

    This means that actually Walter Bishop is the bad guy for creating the cortexifan trials which created the future observers. Belly tried to prevent it from happening (removed the bad bit of Walters brain) and Jones is looking to collapse the highway so that the Observers cant come back to the present or the past.

    The rest as they say is history…

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