TFP Episode 431-“The End of All Things”

Feb 26, 2012 | 3 comments

In this episode of The Fringe Podcast, we review the Fringe season 4 episode, “The End of All Things.”  We discuss all of the new revelations we were given about the Observers, some of the new questions we have about the Observers, and whether or not we were satisfied with what we learned about the Observers.  We also discuss the new developments in the relationship between Peter and Olivia, the possible game plan of David Robert Jones and Nina, and what we learned about baby Henry.

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  1. Fringee

    Ok, the ending confused me.. So really, since Peter ceased to exist and now he’s back.. Isn’t this HIS timeline?

    So, she is in fact the real olivia, right? The wrong Olivia is the fauxlivia, correct?

    This is in fact Peter’s timeline, correct??? Uggggh

    • Rory

      I interpreted from what September said that this is the same timeline and the removal of Peter was a band-aid attempt to reverse the damage the mistakes September made had done. Perhaps with Peter removed things might have reverted to “how it was intended”? I dunno!

  2. Chris W

    My thought of Alt-Nina is that she is not a shapeshifter but a clone. To explain her aging I’m thinking that its similar to when Obi-Wan went to Kamino. There they explained to him that in the beginning of the process it took normal time for the clones to age but they had found a way to “speed” the process. I think that’s what DRJ has done with Nina. If the guy reassemble himself on the atomic level then it’s plausible that he can create clones. That’s just my take on the whole alt-Nina thing.


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