TFP Episode 427-“Welcome to Westfield”

Feb 12, 2012 | 3 comments

In this episode of The Fringe Podcast we review the season 4 episode, “Welcome to Westfield.”  We discuss the possible end game of David Robert Jones, what might be causing Olivia to have memories of the previous Olivia, the consequences of merging universes, and Darrell will ammend his universe vs. timeline position.  Clint tells us all about pooping robots in our science of tomorrow segment.

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Links mentioned in this podcast:
JR Orci Chat Log
Pooping Robots

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  1. beckstar78

    woo! loved this epi…kinda reminiscent of in the mouth of madness. if you haven’t seen that movie, go get it.
    need me some sam weiss before we risk losing fringe forever. wish belly would come back too.
    visit for info to contact Fox and get a season 5! or send rhubarb

  2. Chris W

    Theory of the Fringe mythology. After newly discovering your podcast (don’t know how I missed it) and listening to the Jasika interview where she points out that both you guys and presumably us as an audience are wrong in the whole timeline vs universe thing my theory is that it’s a perception of reality. Not to say that its a dream per se but are the events that we as the audience seeing actually happening or are they presented to us by an outside force such as September telling us his story or Walter wishing what his life could/would/should be. Similar to the Matrix the events that Neo were experiencing were a product of the Matrix until he disconnected himself from it only then he learned the “truth”. The question of reality and what it is real dates back to Plato and the sad thing for us is there is no way to determine whether or not we are “dreaming.” Walter alludes to such things when he says “the kid looks nothing like a bigfoot” and the agent asks him if he believes in such things and Walter replies why not? Simply because no evidence has been produced —yet— doesn’t mean they don’t exist. So I believe that there is a “Man behind the curtain” calling the shots on this whole experience we know as Fringe. I love this show and wish it mandated by law to remain on the air and be taught in schools. Do I believe that the story is coming from one perspective? No. But I do believe that it challenges our ideals and notions of reality and what we believe is real, and also a question of existentialism. Again, that’s just my theory, it’s probably wrong or way off track but I do love the Schrödinger’s Cat thought experiments.

  3. Kate

    I think what might be happening with this Olivia suddenly having some of our memories is that it is the same universe and same timeline. I think maybe the observers tried to erase Peter, but they didn’t fully erase him which is why he kept appearing to Walter and Olivia. Now that he’s back, it goes to what Walternate said last season about nature not recognizing good and evil but how it recognizes balance and imbalance. When Peter came back, everything was thrown off balance and its now trying to correct itself by restoring the memories that everyone had of Peter, but it still can’t change the events that happened previously without Peter aka the return of David Robert Jones. I think that what the Observers said at the end of season three about how no one could know that the boy lived to be a man suggests that this is the same universe/timeline or else there wouldn’t be a risk about anybody finding out. Thats just my current theory.


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