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Posted by on Feb 6, 2012 in Fringe, Podcasts | 5 comments

TFP Episode 425-Jasika Nicole Interview

TFP Episode 425-Jasika Nicole Interview

In this episode of The Fringe Podcast, we interview Jasika Nicole.  We discuss the Astrid centric episode, “Making Angels”, how she approaches the role of Astrid and AltAstrid, how they technically film each of the dopleganger shots, and whether or not she believes Fringe will get a fifth season.  We also ask her to weigh in on the timeline vs. universe debate, and her answer might shock you!

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  1. thank you! you guys are awesome!

  2. Loved the interview, right up to the point where Clint completely disregarded Jasika’s funny comment about never planning to run a marathon… to ask her if she was training to run a marathon. (1:03) Doofus!!! Anyway, she’s a pretty awesome sport and I can’t wait for her spinoff!

  3. LOVE the Interview!
    I just tweeted about this, but my new theory:
    Alternate timeline made by Observers/December in a self contained bubble-verse…
    • possibly for testing September?!?
    • possible an accidental entry by Peter because of machine alterations?
    • possibly Olivia’s cortexiphan abilities allow her to dream outside of the bubble?

    I have this idea that DRJ may be trying to time-travel to the point that the red/blue verses diverged, and keep them as one universe that he can rule or something…IDK…ZDK?

    I still stand by my thoughts that near the end of the season Peter pops out of this new-timeline/bubble-verse-timeline, but with DRJ in tow!

  4. Thank you so much for a delightful interview. Really enjoyed listening to Jasika, she had a marvelous laugh. Also very impressed with the interviewers. Love Fringe.

  5. Hi Darrell and Clint, David writing to you from Australia, just to congratulate you on a wonderful podcast.
    Have listened to the Jaskia Nicole Interview. what a lovely person Jaskia must be, she come across as a warm, funny and very knowledgable person as far as her role as Astrid and Alt Astrid were concerned
    Her answers were so honest, especially when Darrell asked about season 5, hoping for the best, but at the same time preparing for the worst (which incidently I hope doesn’t happen).
    You know come to think of it, I think Jasika new more about Astrid and Alt Astrid then they did
    An interview is only as good as the interviewers let it be, and so I give you both a lot of credit in allowing Jaskia to take over the interview with only minimal interruption to ask questions
    This way we the audience got to hear the questions we wanted to hear
    As said before Great Interview guys – keep up the fine work

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