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Posted by on Apr 22, 2012 in Blog | 18 comments

Simon says, “Fight The Future”.

Simon says, “Fight The Future”.


The most recent episode of Fringe, “Letters of Transit” was a real mind trip (something Walter would appreciate) in which we were all vaulted into the future.  A future that was bleak, grim and run as a totalitarian state.  The Observers are in control and they are fascist taskmasters.  The people that have been co-opted by the Observers are loyalists and those that choose to remain “free” are called natives and we all know what the fate of  natives is when a new world is born.

From what I understand, this episode was to serve as a pilot of sorts for season five of Fringe should it get renewed.  If so, it would mean a whole new storyline for Fringe to follow built on the foundation of some of the facts we know and others we do not.   So here are some points and questions I would like you to consider.


  • Would you be comfortable with Fringe taking place in the future instead of a contemporary setting?
  • Do you like the Observers as the new bad guys or would you rather them retain their old role?
  • Should we see the events of 2015 play out and what drove our team to “Amber” their selves?
  • Would you like to see a younger cloned Bell return so he could lend a hand?








If the show-runners at Fringe follow this new setting it would mean a whole dynamic for the Fringe family in a world we don’t recognize.   Are you ready for this new adventure that should be as exciting as the “Guns of Navarone”?  It’s a little scary but I think I like it.

What about you, your thoughts please!



  1. Hello!

    Here are my answers to the above questions:

    1) I think a season five set in the future would be a brilliant move on the show’s part. If done right, it’s an innovative way to complete an innovative show. Personally I think we have enough time in season 4 to bring us, the viewers, up to speed in the present in order to set up the jump. This is especially now that Letters in Transit informed us on the happenings in 2015. I say bring it on!

    2) I’ve been suspecting the Observers as the big bad for some time now. With the way they treated September for aiding us, to the episode pertaining to August, to the fact that the writers truly did keep us in the dark about them such a long time, it was fishy. I’m still sticking to my guns that Jones is a good guy and or (both universes) being so distracted by thinking he’s the evil to watch out for, is what allows the Observers to infiltrate in the first place.

    3) I think it’s imperative to at least get a glimpse of what happened in 2015 to cause that

    4) Because Bell was in the Amber, it would be too confusing not to see hope that happened, but I’m kind of over having William Bell around.

    • Aren’t you a Batman fan? You remind me more of the “Scarlet Speedster”. I’m not sure the Flash could have replied any faster. Well done!

      As to your first point, agree. I love it when they stretch their boundaries, the crazier the better I say. Challenge us!

      Secondly, the people that write Fringe are great at continuity aren’t they? We saw hints that the Observers weren’t all warm and cuddly as far back as Brown Betty. Now this! What happened to September? What was so “unexpected”? What of the rebel Observers?

      Yes, we must see what happened in 2015. Hmmm, did it take place in Detroit? Was that a clue we got in the season 3 finale, “The Day We Died”? Oh ho! I feel a blog post coming!

      Didn’t you like my pun about William Bell’s hand and his clone? I love Nimoy but I’ll take a younger actor as his “new” self.

      Thanks for the reply “Speedy”!

  2. I love a good Dave posting! I do love Batman, but I love the Flash too :)

    I 100% agree with you. The continuity has been brilliant. They set us up nicely.

    If they tie us back to the Detroit incident, I may have to give the show a standing ovation. My only proof that incident no longer occurred, though, is Broyles’ eye. I’m correct in saying his eyes were both in tact in Letters in Transit, right? Plus, wasn’t he a senator in 2025? He still has his same position in 2036. I’m thinking that future was changed by the bridge.

    Your pun was great by the way!

    • Yeah, on the Senator point that was the world where one universe died and the other survived.

    • Can you imagine if they do tie Detroit back into this? The incident may well exist but things have changed yes. Broyles has aged considerably by 2036 and the Detroit incident was in 2026 or more likely earlier. Right, in that iteration Broyles was a Senator (now we know what that smooch was all about on the steps of the Capitol between Nina and Philip, the fix was in!) and now (2036) he is still an agent of the FBI. And yes, his eyes are intact also. But did you catch the mention of Simon’s renewed eyes thanks to black market old tech? Is there a connection between the vents? I hope so.

      BTW, I hope you read “Flashpoint: Batman Knight of Vengeance”, it was epic.

  3. - Would you be comfortable with Fringe taking place in the future instead of a contemporary setting?

    Yes, although you’ve gotta think the added special effects make the show more expensive no? Anyway I would very much like to see in Season 5 the writers go as far in the future as is relevant to finish this story!

    - Do you like the Observers as the new bad guys or would you rather them retain their old role?

    I think there’s a difference between the Calendar-named science team of Observers and these invading ones. It would be interesting to see what drove these guys to come back and invade us as I genuinely believe the original intention of the Calendar Observers was to do what they said.

    - Should we see the events of 2015 play out and what drove our team to “Amber” their selves?

    Absolutely! Kinda like my answer to the first one.

    - Would you like to see a younger cloned Bell return so he could lend a hand?

    No. Leave him in the amber if he hurt Olivia somehow :(

    • Hi Rory, thanks for the response. You know what, when I contemplated the Fringe of the future I thought the same thing, expensive! Perhaps they can do some stock scenes and throw in a few “bottle” episodes to save money. Its the story that counts.

      The Calendar crew, as I call, them seem to be the scientists of the future. I think now the rest of their society has joined them and ruined everything. Maybe they are from a caste society and the worst parts made it to the past.

      Agreed to your point about the events of 2015. Would you prefer whole episodes or flashbacks to those events?

      Maybe Bell didn’t hurt Olivia but hid her instead and the rest are unaware of this. A cloned Bell may be necessary to get her back. You know the “shippers” have to have their day!

      Good to hear from you Rory and take good care of Amy!

  4. - Not only would I be comfortable with Fringe taking place in the future we just saw, I would be dissapointed, now if it doesn’t happen. This setting is going to have a huge effect on the characters as we saw with Walter this week. Walter’s Change was physical, being injected with his own brain juice, but for Peter and Olivia, if she is still alive, will be the experience that Walter had this season, being introduced to a child who is all grown up. We are going to see such a different side of the characters, it’s going to be great.

    - Yes I think the Observers being the bad guys will work. Besides some names we really don’t know any of the Observers personally, save September. It’s kind of like, to use a Star Trek analogy, the Borg. A very impersonal and powerful adversary that seems to be virtually unstoppable. It allows the writers to focus more on the main characters as well as upping the stakes for a 5th season.

    - I think William Bell has become a forgotten character and unless they can find an easy explainable way to reintroduce him I would say leave it alone. From what I hear it won’t be a full season 5 anyway, I’m of the opinion that it would weigh down the story.

    - 2015 and how the team got into the Amber, hm? I think that you do need to have a show that flashes back to that point, however, I think it would be cool to go a few episodes only hinting at what happened before actually showing it. Referencing it allows our minds to wander thus making for a huge payoff when get to see it all unfold.

    Final thought.

    John Noble…Great performance last week. I think he’s asked to carry the show at times and he comes through every time.

    • “Brain Juice”, I love it.

      I would share your disappointment if we don’t get to see the future Fringe. The dynamic truly would be amazing. Do you suppose Etta and Olivia would be able to communicate telepathically? If Peter could enhance Olivia’s powers I wonder what her daughter could do for her or even all three together. Defeat the Observers perhaps?

      I like your Borg reference. So, if I bring up Species 8472 you will understand what I mean? Maybe the offspring of Olivia and Peter will be the “8472″ to the Observers as they were to the Borg? Yes?

      I’m a Bell fan so I say bring him back. Maybe his clone will be dysfunctional so Walter will continually have to work on him. You know, with some brain juice!

      Your thoughts on the 2015 story line are interesting, I hope it plays out. As for John Noble, I am always impressed with his range. At one point comical and the next angry and imperious. Terrific.

      Always good to hear from a fellow New Englander Josh, thanks!

  5. Here’s the question, if season 4′s villain is DRJ what would S5 look like w/ Observer future earth being the main villain?

    So, I think jumping forward would be something interesting for the series actual finale, maybe the last 3 episodes jump us to the characters on the train searching for the machine or something.

    I would actually enjoy this season finale setting up a season 5 endgame that’s sort of one big story. I don’t know if the show wants to actually show the resistance getting set up and loyalists joining into that picture. Instead I feel that’s too big for Fringe, they might instead choose to have the end of this season come to terms with the past and next season come to terms with the future.

    The observers are the new bad guys. Since this last episode so distinctly mentioned a machine I think that the end of this season is going to have a lot to do with the bridge device, what’s been called the machine.

    As well, next season will be dealing with that aftermath, hopefully wrapping up the greatest obstacles developed during the show’s later mythology, S3 on. But this episode left new episodes open to great fun.

    Whatever happens, we’ve got some of the strongest Fringe episodes ever coming up, most exciting most strange. Lots of fun coming up kids.

    • I think they are going to tie up all the loose ends (to the best of their ability) for this most recent season also Clark. “Letters of Transit” from what I understand was a “one off” meant to serve as a pilot of sorts for season 5 if there is one. We may not get any more mention of it as the last three episodes roll. But I hope we see some of the minor events that lead to the larger events of 2015. Certainly Olivia figures heavily into this and hopefully William Bell also.

      The show, Lost, left a lot of mysteries on the table but I have faith that Fringe won’t make the same mistake. We’ll have to watch closely for any nuggets now matter how small.

      Thanks for the response Clark.

  6. I have to say, I’ve only skimmed through the other posts, but here’s my take, for what it’s worth.

    •Would you be comfortable with Fringe taking place in the future instead of a contemporary setting?
    No. It’s too much of a reset button, no matter how much it propels our story and current characters forward, both literally and figuratively. And let’s be honest, confirmed or not, are we ready for any FRINGE universe/time/future without an Olivia? Side stories have been shown aplenty, but she anchors the show. And, I think it smacks a bit too much of LOST, throwing out old stories in favor of new season characters and more unanswered questions. One of the things I have so appreciated about this show is its continuity throughout seasons. What about our “Calendar” Observers? Where did Bell come from? id much rather spend the next three (YES, THREE) seasons developing characters, witnessing the birth of Henrietta, and our Fringe team building up to the Observer takeover and Native Resistance.

    •Do you like the Observers as the new bad guys or would you rather them retain their old role?
    I don’t mind the new role, so long as we learn why they are so different from our current ones. What happened to the apparent lack of emotion? Of lack of understanding for human interaction/emotion? If they are indeed Observers, what world-ending catastrophe sent them back to take over ours (theirs)? And why in 2015? These new Observers seem like a far cry from what we heard from September on the Observation Deck.

    •Should we see the events of 2015 play out and what drove our team to “Amber” their selves?
    I’d love it! But I won’t hold my breath. The format of the show has been primarily in current time, so unless FOX plans on renewing for 3 seasons (DO IT, FOX! DO YOU HEAR ME?!), I don’t see it happening. It represents an enormous commitment to continuity and story arc, which I believe our producers and writers have excelled at, but there have also been enough rabbit trails and (seemingly) dropped storylines to have cause for doubt.

    •Would you like to see a younger cloned Bell return so he could lend a hand?
    Ummmm….while I’d LOVE to see Bell back in action (or in action at all, we’ve never really truly seen it, have we?), I’m not sure I’d want to see a younger, cloned one.

    All in all, AMAZING episode, amazing writing, and world class acting. Whatever happens to the show, (though I’m mildly convinced that the 092112 entry code is a good indicator), I have faith in our writers and producers to do right by the fans. However it turns out, I’m sure it will keep us all talking for a long, long time.

    • Hey beelee good to hear from you again.

      You’re the first “nay” vote for a future Fringe of 2036 but that’s OK. I totally get your point about wanting to continue the current storyline. I cringe when I think of what happened to Lost also. A reset button done the wrong way would ruin our show.

      The new Observers seem to be a different breed from our previous crew. September did refer to himself and his team as scientists from the future. I don’t think these new ones are scientists at all. More like soulless bureaucrats. Hence the extreme lack of manners!

      If Fringe gets renewed I’m confident we’ll see a continuation of the 2015 story line. But what if that season ENDS with them being ambered, how would feel about that!??

      You’re right about the gift of an enduring Fringe for a long time whether it gets renewed or not. Thanks for the response!

  7. Ok…this is like a final exam..whew..buckle in here we go..if you actually read all this you are a better person than me:
    Would you be comfortable with Fringe taking place in the future instead of a contemporary setting?

    Yes I love every dystopian future scifi story, 1984, brave new world, gattica, code 46, the more dystopian the better… but they would have to say that Olivia is still alive right , so we assume she is dead in 2015?

    Do you like the Observers as the new bad guys or would you rather them retain their old role?

    All I want is an explanation of the scientists vs the rest of 2609 is not enough time to evolve from a human of today to an observer…we need a deeper story of how in 600 years we evolve that much. Can only the scientists time travel and a bad scientist stole the machine?

    Should we see the events of 2015 play out and what drove our team to “Amber” their selves?

    They would have to say that Olivia is still alive right , so we assume she is dead in 2015?

    Would you like to see a younger cloned Bell return so he could lend a hand?
    More Bell the better, I grew up in the 70s watching star trek reruns and the 80s I went to star trek conventions… Yes more bell is fine.

    I also need an explanation how you can fight someone who can time travel.
    Can’t they just see the future and know how to stop you decades before you try?
    My favorite movie Primer the character says “We know everything. Okay? We’re prescient.”
    Well aren’t the observers prescient , ” knowledge of things or events before they exist or happen; having foresight”.

    How can you change this? How can you fight someone who can kill your grandfather before you exist?

    • All riiight Charlie, you’re a Gattaca fan too! Awesome.

      I love a dystopian future too, it creates more of a dramatic, tense story line. The cliffhangers would be amazing. I have some thoughts about “dead” Olivia and they will probably make people crazy. Stay tuned.

      Glad you’re on board with more (cow) Bell. He’s a favorite of mine also. What else was he on back then? Aside from Mission Impossible that is.

      Oh no, don’t get me started on the paradox of time travel. (BTW I loved Primer also) Ever see the “The Time Travelers Wife”? You should be able to pop in and out of time any where you want as long as you are alive at one point. Even after you are dead. You could even attend your own funeral in the future right? (Or would it be in the past?)

      Thanks Charlie!

  8. Some great points above.
    My thoughts off the cuff;
    #1 yes, but I think it’s unlikely it’ll be in the future.
    It could work with lots of flash back to get us from here to there but feel too LOST like imho. plus I’d like to believe this is just one of many possible future’s we have glimpsed

    #2 Observers as big bad: I like what is said above that the Calender Observers are different and they are not all gone, just waiting for Peter to bring the right one back to set the world right again.

    #3 If the Ambered future holds then yes we should see at the very least the highlights of how the decision was made. However, I believe something will happen as this season ends to hint at a different future.
    It is my belief that Olivia is not Dead in the Ambered storyline but that she has become part of the machine that permanent healed the two universes and she is stuck like Peter was, just for 20 years. The bullet charm somehow relates to Olivia’s choice – whether it started the machine or was fired as she disapparated so to speak, leaving her fate uncertain.

    #4 I also think the Bell storyline can be wrapped with out much of the actual character having screen time. But Zachary Quinto coming to portray young Bell is a fun notion. Who could be our young Walter? Young Nina? That would be great episode for Season 5 (in Black and white maybe?). Or we could have our Walter travel back and talk to a young Bell. There’s a lot of ways to play this idea.

    • Hi yogabon!

      Everyone feels burned by Lost! Flashbacks are fun but I ‘d rather see complete 2015 or beyond whole episodes. If you believe in “splinters of time” then yes, any multiple future is possible.

      Nice thoughts for your third point. Olivia stuck in limbo etc. That may drive some people crazy as just a repeat of what Peter went through. Unless they show us more of where she is of course. That would be cool. Maybe she can become a mufti-dimensional traveler helping different iterations of her team until she finds the right one. Kind of like Sliders. Do you know that show?

      I’m saying a young Bell would be a cloned version of Bell. That’s what Walter chopped the hand off for. So he could “grow” a new Bell.

      Thanks for the response!

  9. Hi. I’ve never responded to a post such as this. “Letters of Transit” was so incredible though and after reading through some posts, I thought I’d give posting here a shot. Excuse me for not being as detailed and eloquent as the others.

    First, I am not a long time sci-fi fan. I have a couple of things I enjoy, yet it is not my fav genre (sorry). I fell in love with Fringe though and it has opened me up more to the sci-fi world.

    Oh and as we know now, there IS a Season 5 coming! YES!

    By the way, in “Letters of Transit,” anyone have any ideas on where all the alternates are???

    Anyway, for the questions –

    1) I’m not sure how comfortable I am with the entire Season 5 taking place in the future. I know they will wrap up a lot of the stories from this season by the finale and they have so much as said so. Of course, they didn’t say they’d wrap up all of them. For Season 5 to start out in the future is too much of a jump for me personally. This also depends I suppose on how this season concludes as well. I think 80% of Season 5 could take place in the future. Yet, I just have a feeling that something will transpire and the future we saw in “Letters of Transit” will only hold partially true or will be true very briefly. I’m also not sure I want to get use to “another version” of our characters or, as in perhaps the case of the Olivia character, not having her at all. There is much to contemplate.

    2) I’ve also had my suspicions about the Observers not being on the “up-and-up” mainly due to all of September’s interference (tho I have another theory on September’s constant interference and interaction). Then in some other episodes where we see some of the “hitman observers.” The Observers have always to me portrayed a lack of true freedom whenever we have seen them. I do agree that there are different sides being that the Calendar month named Observers perhaps “good” versus some others that are “bad.” I’m thinking Matrix where the machines and some programs were considered “bad,” yet many of the programs were “good” and tried to help Zion. Not sure that makes sense. Anyway, evil Observers seem okay.

    3) If we go into the future that “Letters of Transit” refers to in Season 5, then yes, we most definitely need to know what transpired that forced the Fringe team to Amber themselves, who it appears William Bell pushed out of the Amber so he/she was not protected and what the heck happened to Olivia. We need those answers and I don’t think I’d personally be satisfied with a flashback to that.

    4) Sorry, I’ve enjoyed seeing Leonard Nimoy as William Bell and the William Bell character has brought some interesting things to certain episodes of Fringe; yet, I must admit, I am tired of that part of the story. I would like to see them wrap up the William Bell part of the story and that (with the exception of what happens in 2015) could be in flashbacks format.

    By the way, I am amazed at the depths John Noble and Anna Torv have gone to play so many variations of their characters and their alternates. I’m amazed as usually with tv, you see an actor play the same character forever and ever with some “life experiences” changing them a little here and there. Not so with Fringe and these characters.

    Thanks for letting me have a first attempt at sharing here. Sorry I’m so wordy.

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