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Sep 4, 2012 | 24 comments

Yes, September is here and with the passing of Labor Day it marks the unofficial start of the fall.  We have county fairs, apple picking, a cool snap to the air and soon the leaves will be changing color.  Of course, if you’re a fan of the TV show Fringe the words, “September’s here” take on a whole different meaning.

*Much as we have mused here in this blog post, J.H. Wyman has added his two cents as to whether we will see a death in this upcoming season of Fringe.  Mild Spoilers to follow see the Wyman comments here. *



Portrayed wonderfully by Michael Cerveris, September is the face of the Observers that we all have come to know and love.  But as most of us are aware the Observers will be taking on a whole new role this season.   Thanks to the episode, “Letters of Transit” we have been given a glimpse into the future and what it holds for our favorite Fringe heroes.

I’d like to open up a discussion to this upcoming season into what everyone’s expectations are.  Any theories or direction you like to see Fringe pursue?  Likes or dislikes based on what we know?  Any further thoughts now that J.H. Wyman is the sole showrunner?

To give this discussion a bit of impulse here is a few points I’d like you all to examine.

  • Will someone have to die to round out this final season?  Will it be a major character?  How would that make you feel?  TV loves to kill characters off.  It gives their respective series a jolt and adds maximum dramatic impact.  But out of the big four do we really want to see someone die?
  • Should the season end on a cliff hanger?  Wouldn’t that be juicy?  No closure but a mystery left unresolved.  I for one didn’t like how season four ended.  Too safe.  I’m glad they were renewed for season five.  That way September could say, “They are coming” and we all chimed in together with Walter, “Who’s coming?”  (We know who.)  Remember an open ending could lead to a movie franchise.
  • Should Walter get the redemption that he so richly deserved after three seasons?  I say three seasons because he is a different person now in the yellow time line and judging by “Letters of Transit” he’ll be back to his old pre-sanatorium days.  In other words, a jerk.  Who wants to give a jerk redemtion?
  • If the Fringe Division succeeds in defeating the Observers of the future should we go back to see the year 2012 or 2013 and all is right with world?  In other words the “Full Circle scenario”?  Everything is hunk dory and tied up in one nice neat bow, all mysteries solved.  That doesn’t sound like Fringe to me.  But this isn’t about me it is about you the reader and devoted Fringe fan.

So my friends tell me what you think, an open ending, closure, a death in the family?  Sound off!




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  1. Jim Watari

    A death would be a lot more dramatic , it not only effects us the viewers , but the remaining characters as well, Alt Lincoln’s death was a major development and changed quite a few things.

    Better to leave a lot to the imagination at the end

    • InterdimensionalDave

      Good to hear from you Jim. If they do decide to incorporate a death into this season the shock value may be all the more dramatic since it is a short season. I would imagine they may not even leave it for the final episode but instead have it occur two or three episodes before the end. That way the surviving members would have to deal with their loss.

  2. MoneyMagnet

    I don’t think one of the characters has to die, but one of them may have to go away. I think it would be poetic and fitting if Walter went away, maybe with his friend September and they could explore time together. I also hope they leave plenty to the imagination at the end, without having a “mindfuck” sort of conclusion which I don’t think is the style of this show anyway.

    • InterdimensionalDave

      Maybe they will take their cue from the movie “Casablanca” much as they did with “Letters of Transit”. That way Walter could take on the role of Rick Blaine and September would be his Captain Renault and we would see the “beginning of a beautiful friendship together.”

      • Lindaislost

        Ooh…I like that.

  3. Travis (DarthTM)

    Unless there is no movie planned, killing a major principle character would be a bad idea. How would Fringe go on with out Peter, Olivia and Walter. And who would be heartless enough to kill Astrid? But, if no movie, Walter would be my bet. Fix the universe(s?), find redemption, and then find peace. Good wrap up for Walter. Olivia and Peter have been killed enough already!

    I’m personally not into wide open unanswered endings. Small open endings with major questions answered are nicer. The journey is great, but you need to have a satisfying destination. Now if that destination leads to anther journey with a majority past questions answered, that’s good too. Just don’t have a theme and then change it mid story to something else or bumble the logical steps from point A to point Z. That’s why I stopped watching the X-files the last two seasons. And why I haven’t watched LOST yet. Clint’s argument is more persuasive than Darrell’s. Just don’t know if it’s worth it yet. *SPOILER* AND that’s why I’m furious with Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” series. *BIG SPOILER HERE!!* The hero starts over again with NO memories and one new trinket, gimme a friggin’ break! *END SPOILER*

    Becuase Fringe suffered from uncertain renewal each year, I’m sure we all feel they did not get to explore all aspects of each season as in depth as they wanted. Some of this also comes from not having a solid plan. General ideas are good, but when the rubber hits the road, HAVE A PLAN!!!! We shouldn’t give the writers too much credit for details accidentaly falling together. That’s why Babylon 5 is still the best written show in America! Arrested Developement is a close second. Now, Doctor Who on the other hand…

    I think the writers should have stuck with the pattern and ZFT more, and have that be the the focal point for the war between the universes and the Observers behind the whole thing. One big epic story with all parts intertwined, none of this Peter disappearing and having a new timeline. We now have three seasons that are, in effect, a dream (GASP!!!). Instead, all three topics are just separate stories in the same universe. That would have been fine if they didn’t make it seem like they were all part of a whole. Then again, that’s probably what it is and I’m just not seeing it clearly. Either way season five will focus solely on the Observer occupation and the human uprising. Yes, I know Observers are humans too, you know what I mean, stop being so picky. LOL! We will probably see a fraction within the Observers that either brings a peaceful comingling between the two parties by over throwing the occupiers or by finding a way to erase the Observers and have an unwritten future. Much like the ending to Terminator 2: No fate but what we make. I’m sure it will be more complicated than what I can think up though.

    Well that’s my two cents worth. Feel free to rip me a new one if I seem but a simple simpleton.

    • InterdimensionalDave

      You sure that wasn’t a nickel’s worth from you?

      Nice call out to Babylon 5 btw, one of my all time favorite sci-fi series. Good point about Fringe not knowing if it was going to be renewed from one season to the next. I have no doubt that affected their story telling as the show progressed. Now with the end in sight I would think Wyman has the canvas he needs to create on albeit not as large as the fans would have liked. Still, 13 episodes are better than nothing.

      I missed the old pattern and ZFT pursuit but once they opened up the second universe they both had outlived most of their usefulness.

      I had to resist commenting on Lost and the events of season four of Fringe. I literally had to grab my hand and pull it back from the keyboard. Or else you would have gotten my $20 response!!!

      Thanks for the comments Travis.

  4. Chris

    Never really considered how I want it to end, just want to soak in how the story will all tie together. Quick thoughts is that perhaps if a main character must die, it would be Walter. Since having the brain pieces reassimilated, Walter loses much of the character growth we’ve seen (even that of the yellow timeline after Peter’s return), so perhaps it would be fitting to see him sacrificed to get back redemption.

    The story ought to be resolved so that it can continue in our minds, but without a cliffhanger.

    • InterdimensionalDave

      If Walter does die I hope it is as his old self so at least he can find peace of mind. His arrogant future self wouldn’t care. Unless death brings awareness in his final moments I guess. Maybe we’ll see him in a bed of white tulips.

      I’m all for an open ending but one that leads to a movie franchise!

      • Roberto

        I hope that this “Bolivia” pregnancy is not true i relaly believe that the observer was talking about walter, because he kind of “care” for peter and walter, and if he is feeling bad in that situation, having to make arrangements to kill peter, walter would feel much worse, having to let peter go after all, he is the father I don’t know if any of this is making sense for you guys but in my head it explains a lot

  5. Lou Sytsma (@OldDarth)

    I could see Walter dying this season.

    There should be a reckoning for his actions.

    • InterdimensionalDave

      Walter has always feared a reckoning but I think he was inching closer to his fate. If the events of “Letters of Transit” hold true and Walter returns to old arrogant self then all of that may be out the window. How can you attain absolution if you don’t seek it?

  6. Kristin (a/k/a serenityinall)

    Yes, September’s here. An interesting bit of writing and prompting for discussion here Dave. Admittedly though I’ve been indulging in some of the promos and teasers, and I went to The Fringe Event in Vancouver in August I have to say that I think I am in a bit of denial about the end. I have enjoyed this show immensely and sincerely hate to say goodbye. Yet, I am also very excited to see what is in store for us in Season 5 and what they will do. I think having gone to Vancouver, seeing some locations and such have only added to that excitement.

    With that said, I am truly trying to keep myself from having expectations and simply relax and enjoy what is brought to us. I will say that I hope that no one dies and I do not believe someone in the main cast will have to do so. I can envision Walter going through tremendous turmoil this season as well, it seems that this is all perhaps his fault for crossing over. Funny, as Walter gets all the blame for causing the issues by crossing over in the first place; however, it seems to really be September’s fault as he distracted Walternate. Perhaps this was the plan all along of September’s (that he deliberately interrupted to set certain things in motion). I don’t know. I got sidetracked. Anyway, I do not believe they will kill off a main character yet, you never know with Fringe. I admit that I am hoping that Walter’s suffering will end and he will have redemption (and no, I don’t know how that works with all the timeline changes and such).

    As for how it ends, I hesitate on this as I’ve read a bit that Joel Wyman has had to say and he mentioned how the last three episodes are basically going to be a three part finale (which will be interesting to see how I handle that – wait to watch it all together or suffer through each individual episode because I can’t wait to watch – lol). I feel this whole Season 5 is going to be lot of tying up loose stories, etc. and will move very quickly as they only have thirteen episodes. I also think there will be a lot cliffhanger endings to many episodes this season. As for the very final episode, I think they will leave some to the imagination (which I’m not too sure where I stand on that – part of me wants answers, yet part of me wants imagination of my own as to where things carry on). I do not think it will be a shocking, question mark ending. I think it will be resolution of all we have gone through these five years (by the end of this season) and will perhaps leave open the door to something new ont he horizon (whether in reality such as a movie, or just merely in our imaginations).

    I also don’t think we will go back to see a “happily ever after” 2012/2013 as to me all that happened in 2012/2013 and previously had to happen to bring us to the conclusion that will be. Grant it, I would like to see at the end a peek into the alternate universe as to what life is like there in the time that of 2036 where this is set. I’d like just a bit more of a peek for more closure to see where everyone is and how they are doing on that side. I would say that I’d like the sides to end up working together somehow to defeat the Observers, yet I honestly feel the alternate universe is closed and gone. A peek would be nice though 😉

    I for one would have been good with the Season 4 ending if that had been the end (though I am quite glad we get a bit more). Nothing wrong with a fairly happy ending. The characters deserve it. I just don’t know if that will be realistic.

    I look very forward to seeing how this final season unfolds, the interaction with the characters, how things resolve, how/if things tie into the previous seasons and what questions we get answers to. They have a LOT to pack in here. I can hardly wait for the season to begin….even though it is the end. Thanks for reading.

    • InterdimensionalDave

      Thank you for the reply Kristin,

      Don’t you dare wait and watch all three final episodes together! Watch one at time like the rest of us and share the bittersweet agony with us. Besides, you’ll want to be part of the conversation and keeping spoiler free will be nearly impossible.

      As convoluted as the Fringe mythology has gotten, I still think all of this is September’s fault also. I think September’s been trying to make things right ever since and he and Walter will seek redemption together as noted by replies above. Since September is a scientist also, I’m beginning to think the other Observers have piggy backed on his discoveries in order to straighten out the mess they made of the future. I believe the rebellious faction of the Observers are the scientists and the rest are the Tolatarians that need to be thwarted. I hope they can jam all of this into 13 episodes!

      • Kristin (@serenityinall)

        Ah Dave, the problem with Season 5 is that I am so excited to see what unfolds that I can’t wait for it to start. The other problem is that once it starts, soon it’ll be over.

        I rewatched “Letters of Transit” over the weekend and found that I had a different perspective than when I watched it a year ago. Also after watching that I must say that I NOW believe that unless they can bring out the “old Walter’s” humanity and compassion, Walter may have a day of reckoning afterall. I was thinking before that Walter would come through without any further consequences or issues other than the punishment he already imposed himself over the last several seasons. Now, I didn’t think his road would be easy this season, yet I felt that yes all will be well at the end. Now, after watching “Letters of Transit” again, I am not so sure. It is such a different, brilliant mind you, yet cold in that episode which is the Walter I presume we will have in Season 5 since it picks right up after this episode time-wise. No matter what Walter we have seen, there has always been a common theme and that is that Walter is willing to go to extremes for his family. I am sure hoping they bring some of the “old Walter” into this season. ttfn

        • InterdimensionalDave

          I still haven’t erased “Letters of Transit” from my DVR. Too many clues to ignore! Season 5 may or may not pick up where “Letters” left off. Because *spoiler alert* we’ve seen the picnic scenes with young Etta skipping about during the family picnic (darn those picnics) but this could be just a flashback. I wonder what the ratio of future episodes will be versus “present day”? I’ve hinted at some of my theory about future Bell and Walter. More to come. BTW, have you seen the title to ep.4 of season 5?

  7. duckyislost

    Ah, September in Boston. The air is turning crisp and cool. All of the fresh young minds are arriving to be educated. Inevitably a few are attempting to defy physics and getting their moving trucks wedged under bridges on Storrow Drive in the process. I personally think the trucks on Fringe that get split between universes are a nod to this yearly ritual.

    When I first read this post I started conjuring up all sorts of wild theories about where things might go. Well. I hope I don’t guess it. I don’t want to see it coming. However clever that might make me feel what I really want is to be surprised.

    I’ve watched enough shows now to put my desire for each and every mythology answer aside and just go with it. In the end I will be happy if the relationships are repaired, if Walter finds redemption, if Peter and Olivia’s love conquers all, if Nina’s heart grows 3 sizes, if the Observers are defeated or prevented, if there is an unwritten future.

    Wish list? It would be great to see William Bell, Lincoln, Sam Weiss and Charlie again. I would love to find out what happened with creepy bald kid. What about those clear data discs, 6 fingered hands, green green green red, the beacon, a thousand other quirky things? What led to the evolution of the Observers and can it be prevented? I’d like to see Astrid being fierce. I’d like each of the actors to get a spotlight, a moment to shine their brightest before we say goodbye to their characters.

    I think September will die, sacrificing himself to save the Fringe team and maybe all of humanity. I have a sinking feeling that Astrid will die in some abrupt manner without warning.

    I don’t think a happy ending with a neat bow on top fits this show. There has to be some lingering ambiguity and even menace.

    PS. Don’t trust Gene. I still think she’s a shapeshifter.

  8. InterdimensionalDave

    Did I detect a nod to the “Grinch Who Stole Christmas” in that reply?

    You sound a little wistful and poetic in your comments. Are you feeling the early onset of Fringe separation anxiety? I must say when you compared the onslaught of students and their trucks hurtling into Boston with the events of Fringe it made me think of Shelby Scott weathering every storm. I’m sure would have covered Fringe events with equal aplomb.

    I love your wish list. It’s both romantic and sentimental. I have a theory about Lincoln’s return and I am saving it for a future post. Seeing Charlie again? Man, I thought that would happen last season but it was not to be. I hope he makes a return this season also. Hmmm, that would involve the “other” side and I think we are done with them. Wait! There is always time travel.

    I see your point about leaving a little ambiguity at the end. Walter will solve everything and we’ll come back full circle with Peter and Liv holding hands but in a different past. Twist!

    Didn’t I tell you Gene’s last name? It’s “Splice”, you can take a piece of her no matter where you travel. (See that? A DNA joke!)

    • duckyislost

      Ha! I can totally see Shelby Scott out there in her hoodie parka measuring the height of amber instead of snow.

      I think maybe I am a little Zen about Fringe ending. I feel like now that the final season is called I can relax and not worry about it getting renewed or ending abruptly. We are going to get a finale that is meant to be the finale and that is a relief. The pressure is off 🙂

      Yes, Nina has always been a bit of a Grinch to me. You can rewrite the timeline, but she’s still Nina. I don’t trust her.

      On the ending, here’s a scenario. I can picture Peter and Liv averting the apocalyse and waking up in a field of white tulips. They have no idea where or when they are, but they are there together and happy. Did they rewrite a timeline? Did they create a new universe? Are they dead? It will be left unanswered. At the far end of the field Gene lifts her head and moos….The End.

      On Gene. I would love it if Walter somehow went back in time and hid something in her genome for his past self to find. Her name would make it a smack your forhead moment. The answers were in her genes all along. Then again, she could be made of nanites.

  9. Shano the wombat Jedi

    Ive skipped past everyone’s comments before typing, I don’t want to see a major death, after last seasons ending I did feel somewhat cheated but satisfied, I however don’t want a safe ending to the season, if you leave it in the lurch there is room for different media, eg – comics, webisodes, or even better movies. I’ve read hints that the death will be September, I would like to hope he doesn’t die, my theory however remote is that September is a descendant of Peter & Olivia. Hmmmm. The other idea I had is that the young boy from season 1 is actually September, the observers sent home back as a child as punishment… As for the title of your latest blog… Well I read it the other day and have just clicked. I like it. Can’t wait for the return of Fringe. If these theories have already been mentioned I apologize as I’m quickly rambling as I promised Dave I would comment, I feel if I don’t think it sounds better. Keeping it fringetastic & nerdy always.

  10. yogabon

    Awesome, I too believe the Gun fired nanites into Olivia’s brain.
    And I enjoy your theory about the pregnancy.

    I am certain Olivia is out side of time herself and Season 5 will be the team bringing her back.

    • InterdimensionalDave

      yogabon, good to have you on board with the gun and nanites theory. The title to episode 4 of season 5 is, “The Bullet That Saved The World”. Which is promising towards that theory. I saw a picture tweeted to day by Wyman portraying Olivia and she looked really strange. God knows what that means. Bad hair day for time travel?

  11. Lemoneyes

    Here I am Dave, slipping in just under the wire. It’s less than 27 hours until the season 5 premiere begins on the East Coast. I’m sure you’re thinking “It’s about time” and I agree. I’d like to share my feelings about Season 5. They may be completely different tomorrow night after the West Coast airing. I hope they are because I’m apprehensive about Season 5.

    I think it’s likely a major character will die. Fringe has always been bittersweet and I think it will go out that way. I love happy endings and I won’t object if we get one, but I will be a bit surprised. Who should die? I nominate Walter, to a large extent because of his age. He’s had as much time as many people get and he has done more than his share of harm. Besides, it would be kinder than having him experience the death of Peter (again) or Olivia. I’m certain the Walter we met in the pilot and got to know during the first three seasons (I call him Walter 2.0) would rather sacrifice himself than lose one of the others. (Although we didn’t met him until later in the series I think of the pre-St. Claire’s intact brain Walter as Walter 1.0 because chronologically he was the first.) If Walter 7.0 (the current version) is more selfish than that – tough.

    I actively avoid anything remotely spoilerish. Despite the widespread discussions (which I kept away from) it wasn’t until I listened to the Comic Con Panel Discussion episode of the podcast that I knew for certain that Season 5 was going to be set in the future. As much as I enjoyed Letters of Transit I had hoped it wouldn’t be. I did not rewatch the past seasons during the summer but I have been listening to the Summer Rewatch Podcasts and have enjoyed being reminded of details I’d forgotten about. Until they got to Season 4. I still feel very cheated by the timeline change. In interviews during Season 4 Pinkner and Wyman said they would never throw away three years of the audience’s emotional investment in a show. Yet as of now, that’s what they did. Olivia’s retrieval of her old memories did not fix it. In fact, it created a slew of practical problems for Olivia that the show has not addressed.

    That’s my complaint in a nutshell. As I see it the first 3 seasons raised some very important questions about the characters that haven’t been answered. Now Season 5 is going to take on an enormous new story. I think it will be hard to squeeze the story of the Observer invasion into fifteen episodes. I don’t see any chance of questions from the past being answered.

    Since I’m going negative I might as well go all out. Although I think very highly of Leonard Nimoy as an actor, in my opinion casting him as William Bell turned out to be a disastrous choice. The unseen Bell was a very important character during Season 1. By picking such a well known actor the showrunners gave away the control of a key character and in my opinion the show has suffered for it. I believe Nimoy said in an interview that he was only interested in appearing in Season 4 if he got to do something he had never done before. He got that. But he’d never done it before because it’s one of the stupidest ideas in television history. A character willing to kill approximately 10 billion people because maybe, maybe he’ll be able to squeeze out a few more years of life. Years spent with cancer but without any medical care or pain relieving medicines. That’s preposterous and, worse, completely inconsistent with everything Bell did during the first 3 seasons. It would have been much better to pick a lesser known actor and have him sign a contract that ensured a certain level of availability.

    I think I’ve been fair to this show. I agreed to overlook some very serious inconsistencies. (The significant change in Olivia’s age at the time of the cortexiphan experiments. Walternate and wife’s inexplicable belief that a son who’d been mere hours away from death when he was taken from their home was still alive six months later.) I don’t think its been fair back.

    I expect Season 5 to have some exciting episodes and tell a good story. I don’t expect to feel attached to the characters.


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