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Feb 11, 2012 | 1 comment

I really love the “Welcome to Westfield” (4.12) episode because I have been waiting all season for the timeline to revert to where it was, and it’s finally happening, and I saw it coming the moment that Walter surprised Astrid by coming to the scene and Olivia responded by saying that Walter had been more open lately. Throughout the episode, we see other clues, as well; as examples, Olivia remembers the Edina case even though that apparently never happened in this timeline, and Walter is suddenly very close to Peter, and the sadness on his face when he is reminded that he promised Peter that he would help him find his way home is evident. Additionally, some of Walter’s previous personality traits are back, such as his excitement about food; don’t get me wrong because he likes food in the new timeline, as well, but it just seemed to be more potent in the previous timeline, and Olivia became frustrated with him because he had something to offer that didn’t have anything to do with the case, something that we haven’t seen in a very long time.

I am just so happy that we are finally moving away from this timeline; Olivia remembers, and before long, Walter and Astrid will, and I have a theory regarding what we’re going to see happen somewhere between now and the end of the season. I think that we’re slowly going to see more of the original timeline come to fruition until finally, Jones and Colonel Broyles will “die” (or, perhaps more accurately, cease to exist), which is why the writers decided to pair them together; they are the two people that shouldn’t be alive. The question is what purpose, then, the Machine will serve; obviously, if I’m right, then Walter and Walternate will no longer need to help Peter find a way home, which I have thought to be kind of ridiculous ever since Peter came to the conclusion that he was in a different place. He is and has been home; people just don’t remember him. This is not a parallel universe; September says in “Neither Here nor There” (4.01) that “the timeline has been rewritten,” not that “a new timeline has been written.” That’s key. With this new development, I can’t wait to see where this story is taking us.

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  1. yogabon

    I loved this episode on so many levels, including the Season 1 feel but differ completely on what’s coming.

    I even got motivated to phone my theory into the podcast for Sunday.

    I think Olivia’s “remembering” is not as it seems and serves the DRJ and Alt Broyles because they wish to exist. And Nina is crucial to it too but because in this timeline she is loved and part of a family.

    DRJ knows about his exit on our old timeline because he learned his fate there from an Observer or Observer tech. He shared this with Nina and Alt Broyles providing the motive for each of them for this season.

    The differences not attributable to Peter’s eraser in the new timelines are caused from Observers’ actions related to the observers making errors in their interactions with this timelines key events. Since they are not subject to time as we are they learned their lesson and instituted this “Donot get involved” policy we see playing out in our story.

    The series could end with an episode showing many different universes as another caller suggested in last weeks feedback but I think it might end with Peter’s Grandfather battling erasure from time to prevent the machine’s creation (by his son and grandson) and save all universes from interacting.


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