Olivia’s Abduction During the Orange Timeline

Oct 8, 2011 | 8 comments

It seems that some people are questioning whether or not Olivia was actually imprisoned in the Redverse in this timeline or simply held captive in the Blueverse while the other Olivia impersonated her, and I just wanted to offer my two cents. Although I obviously have no idea how it would have happened since Peter wouldn’t have been involved, I think that she was still held captive in the Redverse because of something that Redverse Lincoln says in “One Night in October” (4.02); he says to Olivia that she must really hate being here (as in the Redverse), and that, to me, suggests that she was still held captive in the Redverse, made to impersonate their Olivia. I offer two additional points of reference to hopefully help support my claim. Firstly, I definitely got the distinct impression from “One Night in October” that Olivia and Redverse Lincoln had met before, even though Lincoln probably hadn’t realized it at the time. Secondly, I think that it’s safe to assume that very little has been affected over there because Peter spent very little time over there; obviously, the other Olivia is not pregnant and is still with Frank, but other than that, not much is different, so how would the Redverse’s Fringe Division team have accounted for their Olivia’s absence if our Olivia wasn’t brainwashed? Walternate, with or without Peter, would be secretive and would keep the truth from the team, but, like I said, that’s merely my two cents.

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  1. Chi

    “Redverse Lincoln says in “One Night in October” (4.02); he says to Olivia that she must really hate being here (as in the Redverse)….”

    I think what Red Lincoln was referring to when he said that was Olivia must hate being out in the CAR as opposed to INSIDE taking part of the investigation – because as he said mmediately following that “cause it would drive her crazy” i.e it would also drive Fauxlivia crazy to be outside (which it did a little bit later when she kept clamoring to go inside and Lincoln had to stop her)

    Other than that, I think you make plausible points about her possibly having being held in the RedVerse :). I’d love to see how they resolve this mystery.

    • theLOSTpassenger

      I’m going to respectfully disagree with you, as that is not how I interpreted it at all and still don’t. I think that what Redverse Lincoln meant when he said that it would drive his Olivia crazy is that his Olivia would hate being in Olivia’s shoes, being forced to work in a traumatizing environment with someone that had “kidnapped” her. That’s the way that I look at it, but we can agree to disagree.

      • scully8

        Got to agree with Chi. Lincoln was referring to Olivia having to sit in the car and not a part of the action/conversation.

    • Xerophytes

      I would agree with Chi.

      I think the answer to your question lies somewhere in Season 2 finale.

      I have to rewatch it.

      The switching is a Plan B of Walternate… that is for sure. If Fauxlivia have to go back to Redverse, she will need to balance out her mass with Olivia… that also I think should be.

  2. Rogue151

    I have to disagree in that she may have been held captive but I really don’t think Olivia was brainwashed to be Atlivia. Walter mentions in the episode that Olivia was held captive for 2 weeks in “One Night in October.” The fact that they just say held captive also makes me think she was just a prisoner and Atlivia just impersonated her for two weeks.

    Now if you go back to the third season in “Marionette” Broyles mentions that Olivia has been through more than just trauma after being in the Redverse for two MONTHS. I really think Walternate probably didn’t even know about Olivia (or even if she knows) about her cortexiphan ability to cross over. Mainly because in the “Subject 13 episode young Olivia accidentally crossed over and told Walternate about her stepfather abusing her then handing him the drawing of her and Peter, thanks to Peter convincing her to tell Walter about her abusive stepfather. Now none of that happened because Peter never lived to meet Olivia. She also wouldn’t have crossed over with the other cortexiphan kids to get Peter again so I really don’t think at least Walternate and the other alternates know about her crossing over ability and I kinda seriously doubt Olivia does either. It also explains why Alternate Broyles is alive because they never knew to experiment on Olivia and she was only held captive for two weeks instead of two months.

    • theLOSTpassenger

      Actually, Walter does not say that Olivia was kidnapped for two weeks; his exact words are “for weeks,” so that could have been up to a total of eight weeks, which would be two months. Also, I now realize that he says “that they kidnapped Olivia to the Other Side,” so that solves that disagreement; she was definitely held in the Redverse, and for the reasons that I’ve provided, I think that she was still brainwashed. Peter didn’t have anything to do with that having been done, and Walternate would have needed a way to hide what he was doing from the team. I don’t think that Colonel Broyles still being alive is because they weren’t aware of her ability to cross over. Walternate, like Walter, is a scientist, so he would have discovered the ability even if he hadn’t known already, and I think that the reason that Broyles is still alive is because Olivia found another way to free herself, without his help. She won his heart by telling him about Peter, so since she wasn’t able to compel him that way, she probably wasn’t able to compel him at all, but that’s just my theory.

  3. NewYorkRaymond

    Rarely do I say this but I am in agreement with theLOSTpassenger on this. If you watch the scene over Walter does in fact say “For weeks” so with that being the case I would say that it is highly likely that she was taken to the redverse which as theLOSTpassenger stated was backed up with, “that they kidnapped Olivia to the Other Side.” What is interesting to question is what actions were taken for her to return to our side, did she manage to get back on her own or did she get help.

  4. Christopher R. Cook

    Well, I still firmly believe that he was referring to her being in the Redverse, so we will have to agree to disagree.


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