New Fringe ARG Game!

May 11, 2009 | 2 comments

It appears as though the folks at Fox are cranking up the internet Alternate Reality Game just before the Fringe season finale airs tomorrow night. Here’s how to get involved:

Go to
Scroll down to the Bios section.
Click on the yellow orb by the Bios heading.
This will take you to

Those who played the ARG that was created prior to the Fringe premiere last fall will recognize a familiar setup of braille character and Fringe glyphs. I won’t give you any answers here, but here’s a link to a good alpha/numeric braille chart.

Don’t forget to join our chat Tuesday night while Fringe airs in ALL TIME ZONES and our LIVE VIDEO PODCAST Friday, May 15 at 9 ET. You can join both events by visiting our chat page at

Thanks to FoxBroadcasting on Twitter and for the heads up on the new ARG

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  1. sebastian

    the words and letters formed on the new ARG do not make full sense.

  2. dennis mattia

    fringe rocks my word every time i see it. I LOVE THIS SHOW.MY NAME IS DENNIS MATTIA.fringe is the best show on TV every…………….


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