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Posted by on May 1, 2011 in Blog | 12 comments

Into the Yellow Universe!

Into the Yellow Universe!

Hey fellow Fringe fans, am I dreaming or did we just enter into the Yellow Universe?  At the exciting conclusion to the last episode of Fringe we see Peter wake up into a chaotic tableau.  Amidst the explosions and people rushing to and fro one the main thematic brush strokes we see is the color yellow.  From the explosions reflected off Peter’s shirt, to the actual explosions themselves, to the now yellow Fringe Division patch and even the sky behind the “Bad Robot” as it zips across the screen at the end.  All colored in yellow.

What accounts for this?  My theory is when Walter and company brought the “Vacuum Machine” from Pittsfield, MA. to New York City he created what is called a “Traversable Wormhole”.   This type of wormhole not only theoretically allows you to travel across the universe at speeds greater than the speed of light but also conceivably between two universes and through time!  Walter gave a simple illustration of this to Broyles when he demonstrated this with the iron filings and two magnets.  (It was also pretty funny when he told Broyles to pay attention and Broyles had to let out a heavy sigh.)

One of the words we see in the opening title sequence to Fringe is “wormholes” and it looks like the clever writers at Fringe have found a way to tie all this in.  In the teaser trailer for next weeks episode it sounds as if  Walternate is accusing Peter of destroying his universe.  What I am saying is Peter didn’t so much as destroy the Red universe as he did remake it.  Something Sam Weiss alluded the “Vacuum Machine” was capable of when he and Olivia parted company.  So what do you people think?  Did Peters intervention with the machine end the reign of the Red Universe and remake into a Yellow one?


  1. The colors are only for the viewer’s benefit, a tool to visually separate the worlds. Personally, your theory that the red universe was “rebooted” and became yellow doesn’t make much sense to me. Why dismiss one color and make the same universe another color?

    • Don’t take it personally GigerCounter it’s just a theory. Have fun with it! Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Did you see Walternate in the tease, or was that our Walter? (now that he has had a decade and a half to redevelop his missing brain parts).

    Peter wakes up in lower Manhattan looking at a 20 year Memorial Plaque (9-11-2021) in front of the “Freedom Tower”. The skyscraper that is replacing the 2 x WTC’s. The tease suggests he is there 15 years from now. (2026). His hair is red. So – is he over here, over there, or somewhere else? Over there, 9-11 didn’t happen at WTC, so no need for a plaque or replacement tower. It could be here… we’ve had 15 years to deal with Fringe vortex/events – so that explains the chaos on the streets and our response measure (Yellow Fringe Patches)… Or it could be a third universe – which explains the red hair.

    My guess is that everything (timewise) was reset back to before the Zero Event in 1985. Peter never crossed with Walter -or- both Peter’s lived. Now faux-Peter is an Agent for Walternate and is tasked to travel to this universe for nefarious reasons… like fauxLivia.

    Remember that Walternate failed to find the cure for Peter befoe he died. That happened because the Observer distracted him. If the Observer gets to run around time (Bobby Joyce retrieval) – who say he doesn’t course correct in 1985 – doesn’t distract Walternate – & giving us two Pete’s – not just one.

    • Great points DocH. I’m starting to think we saw both Walters! Your theory about the reboot to the zero event of 1985 is pretty clever. Two Peters??!! That would at least make the two Olivia’s happy. (If there are two Olivias!)

  3. I was wondering the same thing about the Yellow-verse. But I didn’t have an internet connection, so I couldn’t rewatch it on Hulu. Maybe tonight! Anyway, there was a definite yellow cast that left me totally confused. So I look forward to next Friday again! And then there was Peter’s hairstyle… You know, he looked surprised to hear himself called Agent Bishop.

    • Sister Pat! Thanks so much for the feedback I am a big fan of your contributions. Yes, next Friday is a must watch and hopefully will give us many answers. But with that will come more questions. Can’t wait!

  4. Don’t really have an opinion except that I love this Fringe blog idea and love interdimensional dave’s intellegent observations. Of course now that his observations is made public, I hope he ready for the harsh critisism the “not in your face ” people of the internet love to give. Keep up the the great ideas Dave!

    • Thanks for the support and the kind words Shawn. Yep, once you stick your neck out there you’re bound to get some criticism. We’ll see what happens.

  5. I love your “yellowverse” theory. I do not think the redverse is gone as much as both the red and blue got sucked into 1 (purpleverse?)

    —- I thought, in the preview for next week, that I saw Walternate speaking with Peter, but Walter aged and bearded (assuming this was in the same universe.)

    I’m curious to see where this goes.

    • I have to admit I’ve developed a soft spot for the redverse. A lot of people feel that the two universes have combined. I guess I didn’t want to see either go away. I have a feeling there are two Walters in the same universe now. Maybe they were too close to the “event horizon”. I’m curious too! Thanks Mr. sharper.

  6. Hello IDD! What a great episode! I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us with the finale. Obviously something has changed here. Seeing Walter bearded and institutionalized got me thinking that perhaps we are seeing an alternate version of the blueverse’s future. I’m sure you remember the blue, red and yellow squares in Walternate’s office at the DOD. Perhaps Walternate has always known that there was a yellowverse out there somewhere in time. Namaste!

    • Ha, namaste to you too ODL! I remember those squares now, nice catch. Perhaps Walternate’s knowledge of a third universe explains some of his bitterness. You can’t dodge the hand of fate Walternate!

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