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Posted by on Apr 26, 2012 in General Show Info | 29 comments

Fringe Renewed!

Fringe Renewed!

Ho hum, why is this man smiling on such a  slow news day?

Oh that’s right, Fringe has been renewed!  Thank the lord.  I was wondering why I got a white tulip via Fed-Ex today.  Share your thoughts people, go crazy and tell us how you feel!

Fringe has been renewed!!!!



    That is all :) *does happy jig*

  2. YEP!! Have to agree. Doing the happy dance and can’t wait to see what happens! Check out the video on for Season 5! Interesting stuff!!

  3. I’m not going to sleep tonight. I’m so happy.

    Thank you Fox for supporting this great show.

  4. Best news of the month!! I’m so *watermelon* excited right now.

  5. Im soooooo happy!! I was very worried that, after having invested as much into this show as I had into Millennium, Fringe was going to go the same route. Thank goodness someone with power at Fox has come to realize just how powerfully well this show is written and produced, and was willing to keep high quality Sci-Fi on the air!!

    • Oh, man! That gif is cracking me up! Al Bundy is awesome!

  6. Close your eyes and listen, you can hear Fringe fans rejoicing in every universe! I raise a sloppy glass of slusho to you my friends, we all made season 5 a reality together!

  7. To paraphrase Lionel Richie

    We should be dancing on the ceiling…

  8. way to Fringe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. got overexcited there… what am I saying? I’m hyperventilating! but I meant to say “way to go Fringe!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  10. im dying. So perfect. This shows how much of a voice fans can really have if they get together. It also makes me view FOX as a little less money hungry because of how little they were making on this show. Id like to thank all the fans who helped make this possible as well as the writers and producers who probably had to take and give a lot of heat to get this to happen. <3

  11. William Bell “can’t touch this”..

    ba bump ba bump..

  12. Just when I gave up hope on an announcement coming before the season finale (my thought was that they might have done this so no one would know which of the 2 filmed endings they would use), here comes the announcement we have all been waiting for. It had been suspected that if renewed it would be for 13 episodes and that is the case. No problem there. Some of the finest cable shows are short seasons. I am sure Wyman and Pinkner will put all possible efforts in concluding the lseries in grand fashion. Thank you, Fox for coming through for the fans and allowing Fringe to produce the magic100 episodes.

    Another bonus, of course, is that we get to continue to unite as a community and enjoy Clint and Darrell’s outstanding work with The Fringe Podcast. Let’s all celebrate with peanut butter and bacon sandwiches, butterscotch pudding and red licorice!

    • I hope they include the finale that will not be aired on the DVDs. I’d like to see it. If it includes elements that they still plan on covering the in the ultimate finale, then I guess they’d need to save it for the season 5 DVDs. Either way, I’m really curious about it!

  13. Happy on a Massive scale !!

    Roll on Fringe !!

  14. Can’t wait for Friday night.

    This is going to be Epic!

  15. When will the hints start dropping? Will the jump to 2036, begin the battle here in 2012 or do they have something even more incredible in mind?

    Regardless, I am glad we are getting a tight 13 episode final season. I hope they drop the filler episodes and concentrate on main story for season 5.

  16. Whoo! This makes me so happy! No other word to describe how I feel right now. Just happy.


    [And you too, Dana...]

    Especially following on the heels of the best Fringe episode in recent memory, one that provided so many possible areas of future development, this is the happiest news I have heard in many, many moons.

    Now – BRING ON THE REDVINES AND LSD. Time to party like it’s NOT 2036…

  18. Fringtastic!!!!!

  19. My friends Astrid, Walter, Olivia, Peter will still be visiting my living room for one more season! Yaaaaaaaaaaay! THANK YOU THANK YOU FOX!!! (Yes, intentional yelling!)

  20. Mr. Papayas for everyone!

  21. Fantastic news on the renewal.

    I wish there was a way of boosting the ratings of this show because it deserves to be sky high. In this modern day and age everyone is out of sync so thank heaven for your webcasts.

    I harken from an earlier time when the channels were few and everyone tuned in to programs like this and it would be the talk and speculation of the week and weeks to come. unfortunately the distribution is such that even amongst family and friends whos facial expressions say yes I’d like to watch that and join in the discussion (read increased viewing numbers) find themselves missing out or working outside of the broadcasting cycle.

    Bring back the old days is what I say where friday nights were for socialzing on mass and the weekends were spent with family and friends not working or shopping. And then you might see the viewing figures going up and quality programmes like fringe having a much greater lifespan.

    Hey! do you think thats why the observers want to go back to an earlier time, to when a pint of beer was a penny a pint?

  22. Now the details are coming out, it appears. FOX will be picking up 13 episodes, which leaves the series short of its originally intended 132 episodes (6 full seasons on network TV).
    As posted on Fringepedia :

    “FOX, the Over-There-Air distributor in the United States for the Warner Bros. Entertainment award-winning television science-fiction drama, admitted this week that it doesn’t have the desire, or intent, to satisfy the creator’s original goal and planned story-arc of Six full seasons. Instead, FOX is bowing-out of their retail marketing obligations after a little more than halfway through the Fifth season, or about 32 episodes short of the original 132 episode outline. Warner Bros. Entertainment has not revealed what negotiations they are pursuing to fill the deficit left for US viewers following the contractual shortfall delivered by FOX.

    So I expect that Warner Brothers and Mad Robot are going to be determining which future to pursue. I see these options:
    1. Fringe wraps up in 13 new episodes shown on Fox in Fall 2012;
    2. Fox shows 13 new episodes, and WB/MR and the creative team try to find another option to complete the series as originally envisioned. That would leave maybe 21 episodes – either one long cable season or two shorter 10-episode seasons, but all 21 could be filmed in one year, and broken into two airing seasons,

    I suspect that the events of the summer will determine which of these options we see. As loyal FRINGE fans, it is up to us to help out as we can – the last few weeks have seen a tremendous amount of fan-generated activity to lobby for this show. I hope that folks on other networks are noticing.

    Long live FRINGE!

  23. This makes me very happy :D

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