Episode 0415- “Wallflower”

Nov 20, 2011 | 5 comments

In this episode of The Fringe Podcast, we discuss the Fringe season 4 episode, “Wallflower.” We talk about the changing relationship between Nina and Olivia, Nina’s possible motives for attacking Olivia, and the bromance going on between Peter and Lincoln. Clint tells us all about Chromataphores and Octopi in our science segment, and we end the podcast with an EXCITING upcoming contest sponsored by Michael Purcell and our friends at Global Cash Card.

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  1. Lij

    If Peter thinks he can get back to a place (universe/timeline) that he can get back to – then how does that square with the comic Beyond the Fringe in chapter 3A when both Peters pretty much agree that they are doomed to not exist? If the comic is supposed to be canon that appears to be a problem.

    Of course an Observer can make a decision which would create a new universe. That’s exactly the point in quantum mechanics about observation. That the act of observation changes the state of that which is observed.

    I have another outlook concerning what FRINGE is portraying in terms of universes. I call the idea Irrational Reality vs Rational Reality. Rational Reality would encompass both the present and the past of the S4 timeline. It is Rational because it is (for the most part) a lineal timeline with no paradoxical elements. This means the machine must have a non-paradoxical origin in Rational Reality and thus cannot be derived from the First People. That has yet to be determined.

    Irrational Reality then is that paradoxical time of Seasons 1-3. Irrational Reality was then “created” when Walternate turned on the Machine in Rational Reality intent upon destroying the Bluverse. The Vacuum/Machine is then perhaps a somewhat uberform of the machine Raymond created in Those We’ve Left Behind to create the time bubbles. The Vacuum created the entirety of the paradox/Irrational Reality and the entirety of ‘time’ in the paradox/Irraitonal Reality occurred while the Machines were on and quantum entangled in Rational Reality.

    The inception of Irrational Reality (the paradox) then takes place as Peter steps out of the Bluverse machine thinking he has made the decision to destroy the Redverse. Peter literally is then a child of the paradox/Irrational Reality. Peter is literally then a machine part. There also exists a quantum entanglement between Rational Reality and Irratiional Reality which is why Olivia and Walter are ‘haunted’ by Peter earlier this season.

    From then on the events leading to 2026, the wormhole, and then seasons 1-3 occur which leads to Peter creating the bridge/nexus. When that happens the time bubble of Irrational Reality/the paradox is collapsed (with a little latency allowing Peter to get his little abortive speech in). And everything in Irrational Reality is retranslated back into Rational Reality (even if you’re dead, as in altBroyles and others) – except, of course, Peter. Since it appears that they do not know how the bridge/nexus was created in Rational Reality (S4 timeline), it would seem that Irrational Reality is that cause.

    In Subject 9 Cameron’s ability was to astral project. He could not do that anymore. But he was left with the side-effect which was to attract metal. Walter then showed Cameron that he had another power, the power to control energy.

  2. I Hardy (jedipencil)

    Very awesome to know Spiral Media is on Facebook! I’ve gone and “liked” you guys. I do some of my work on Facebook, so I’ll definitely be following along over there…!

  3. Kaleena

    Maybe this is currently posted elsewhere, but looking on IMDB, it looks like John Noble is actually voicing the same character in several other episodes of SpongeBob, along with Michael Cerveris listed as The Observer and Blair Brown listed as voicing Squidward in one of the next few episodes. Sidenote: Don’t forget to vote for Fringe on the People’s Choice Awards.

  4. Kyle

    And as another sidenote…. if you’re playing around on IMDB looking for SpongeBob stuff, you might not want to look at the imdb entry for the next Fringe episode if you’re the spoiler avoiding type.

    Just saying…..

  5. Hank Lewis

    Where is the link to register for the contest?


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