Episode 0235-”Olivia. In the Lab. With the Revolver.”

Apr 12, 2010 | 4 comments

In this episode we dissect the episode, “Olivia. In the Lab. With the Revolver.” We discuss the potential of future episodes about cortexiphan kids, the relationship between Broyles & Nina, the character development of Sam Weiss, and the carcinogenic effects that Tasmanian Devils have on each other.

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  1. IHardy

    Hi Darrell and Clint,
    My opinion on the “why didn’t SOMEBODY tell Peter where he’s from and get it over with” issue…lol… Perhaps one of the things that had to happen was for Walter to want to tell Peter, and for Olivia to decide not to. Rather round about, perhaps, but maybe that was the point. To see Walter happy with Peter, and Peter – good grief he was in a good mood in this episode – coming to terms with having a “family”, something he didn’t really have before. Especially if Alter-Walter was the absent-dad we think he might have been. And the Tantra-sex thing was (to me anyway) a nudge-nudge-wink-wink thingy to Olivia and Peter. And practically confirms Clint’s theory that those two love birds will mate and hatch something that unites the two universes in eternal bliss. 🙂
    Take care!

  2. Inkblood

    I saw the whole Tantric-sex thing as Walter’s way of getting a responce out of Livia and Peter(which he did 😛 ).
    Also, I must share my frustration with the whole “No one tell Peter nothing” deal. Seriously, It was old after Walter said “Please don’t tell him” in “Jacksonville”.

    Thanks for doing this podcast guys. You all keep me sane when I have no one to babble about fringe to. 🙂

  3. IHardy

    YES!!! The Fringe Podcast played MUSE!! (awesome choice) Tidbits about the tune from Muse Wiki:
    – The video that plays in the background during live performances counts down to the piano climax, appearing to count down to an apocalyptic event, such as an atomic bomb explosion.

    – The title and the song’s meaning are also related to a book called Rule by Secrecy by Jim Marrs, a book about conspiracy theories of how there are secret societies dictating the way the world is run. The song probably refers to the ‘underground’ group called Illuminati.
    – At the end, a heart-beat can be heard. It’s very quiet though it is possible to hear. There is also a Shepard Tone

    The Shepard Tone is: A Shepard tone, named after Roger Shepard, is a sound consisting of a superposition of sine waves separated by octaves. When played with the base pitch of the tone moving upwards or downwards, it is referred to as the Shepard scale. This creates the auditory illusion of a tone that continually ascends or descends in pitch, yet which ultimately seems to get no higher or lower.

    My apologies for the length of the post. Muse music does strange things to me. 🙂

  4. Inkblood

    Song Suggestions:
    1) Monster by Skillet
    2) Hero by Skillet
    {as you can see, I ♥ Skillet}
    3)I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin
    4)Numb by Likin Park

    I’m out of ideas for now. Please play one!!!!


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