Episode 0233-”Peter”

Apr 6, 2010 | 7 comments

In this episode we discuss the amazing revelations from the Fringe episode, “Peter.” We talk about which portions of Walter’s story may not be true, what might have happened to Carla Warren, the involvement of the Observers, where William Bell really was during the flashback and many other topics. Patty brings her A game during the Random Thoughts From Canadia segment and we share a little nerd humor as well.

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  1. Inkblood

    I agree with Patty; I probably shouldn’t voice my thoughts on Peter either. 🙂
    Anywho, i loved this podcast9though short) and I didn’t even notice the Clue reference!lol, revolver.

  2. angela

    As a LOST fan, I realized with some horror that soon I’d be “podcast-less” with the show ending in just about 2 months. So I went hunting for a new show. I had seen a few episodes of FRINGE, but wasn’t quite won over. Then I found your podcast! Wow! You guys do such an excellent job! I’ve listened to most all the back episodes and can’t get over how much information you pack into the episodes. I’m sorry that Jason and Courtney are no longer part of the show, but Darrell and Clint, you both are just amazing….and the wonderful “Canadian”, Patty….can’t say enough about all of you. You definitely make FRINGE a much more enjoyable show.
    I gave the episode “Peter” 10 “Messed up BACK TO THE FUTURES!” Continued success and a heart-felt thank you for an awesome podcast!

    • mardarrell

      Thanks Angela! Welcome to The Fringe Podcast community.

  3. IHardy

    Welcome Angela! Those three podcasters do an amazing job…

  4. haltej

    Hey. I wonder if Walter is right. Bell pushed him to make the portal because he couldn’t. Bell goes over to the other side to steal the more advanced tech and reverse engineer it to build a mega corporation and his own reputation. It is not the first time movies or tv shows have gone there.

  5. Inter-Dimensional Dave

    I offer this as a counterpoint to Patty’s theory of the meaning of Carla Warrens name. When I heard “Warren” I thought of the august investigative body assembled to probe the Kennedy assassination, the Warren Commission. Despite its voluminous work its conclusions were summarily dismissed. I feel Carla Warren is fated to play a similar role as a Cassandra figure whose pleas will also fall on deaf ears.

  6. angela

    Thank you IHardy and Mardarrel for the kind welcome!

    One thing that Darrell brought up, that I thought was terribly intriguing, was the question as to whether the past was accurately portrayed by Walter to Olivia. I’ll have to do a re-watch as there were definitely some areas that seemed….a bit dodgy. Such as Walter’s view of Bell. Also, didn’t Walter say at one point in their past that he and Bell had brought a car from the other side? Wouldn’t that have been the first case of an opening between the two worlds. I’ve guess I have a few eps to re-watch!


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