Episode 0223-”What Lies Below”

Jan 25, 2010 | 4 comments

In this podcast we review the Fringe episode, “What Lies Below.” Clint discusses the science of this episode and reveals the validity of the mind controlling virus. We have some interesting news regarding a possible “end date” strategy for Fringe, and we speculate on how Astrid will respond to her new knowledge of Peter’s death.

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Links mentioned in this podcast:
Bacteria Thriving Deep
TV vs. Real Science Montage

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  1. Toma

    Thanks for a great podcast episode. And Astrid knowing about Peter’s death IS a HUGE deal 😉

  2. Inter-Dimensional Dave

    Darrell, I think you need to soften the Fringe piano music during your recap.

  3. Inter-Dimensional Dave

    Also Darrell, that “handicam” effect you spoke of I think is popularly referred to as a “dislocated camera”. I remember it as far back as NYPD Blue. To a different effect granted but quite similar. I’m taking Clint’s side as far as Creed is concerned. Pearl Jam wannabe’s.

  4. Art Pennington

    The JJ Star trek DVD has a very nice feature on the shaky cam. When you see it, you will be amazed how simple the technique is.

    The Forbidden Planet scene is where the daughter is requesting Robbie make her new clothes. Robbie wants to know if it is to protect from radiation, but the daughter replies “No, prying eyes.”

    From an effects perspective, Forbidden Planet was ahead of its time. Some of the scenes are replicated in Star Wars Ep 4. I beleive George Lucas credited this movie as his inspiration.


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