Episode 0219-”Grey Matters”

Dec 17, 2009 | 2 comments

In this episode we discuss the Fringe episode, “Grey Matters.” Our discussions include Leonard’s role as William Bell, the motives of Newton, and we update the Fringe season schedule. Patty gives us some very interesting tie ins during her random thoughts segment, and Courtney calls in her thoughts about the episode.

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  1. Toma

    I think that Bell put Bishop in the institution for some trivial reason, just like he did with the other people we saw in Grey matters.

  2. deb

    I had a very different take on the snippet at the end with Bell saying he was hiding Walter’s memories of how to make the portal where no one would find them. I assumed that the bad guys this time did not get the information about the portal, and that Bell had hidden those memories yet somewhere else, where still no one has found them. Did I totally misunderstand?!

    Also I think Walter went into the hospital for killing his lab assistant and that his crazy then was of the meglomaniacal type (he was deemed unable to tell right from wrong and therefore not responsible for his actions and therefore not guilty by reason of insanity), and he later became nice crazy Walter after his brain was altered.

    I dunno…


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