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Posted by on Apr 10, 2012 in General Show Info | 10 comments

Colonel Broyles: Friend or Foe?

Colonel Broyles: Friend or Foe?

We’ve known for sometime now that Colonel Broyles is not what he seems.  While the Fringe Divisions from each side struggle with the possibility that there is a mole in the Red Universe Fringe Division, we the viewers know exactly where the leak is.  Colonel Broyles has been seeing talking to David Robert Jones and Nina the Red Universe Viper and now it has led to the death of Lincoln Lee from “over there”.

It’s possible that this Broyles is a Shape-shifter although nothing has been proven yet.  It is also possible that the Colonel is being blackmailed.  He does have a family and he may be shielding them in order to protect them from Jones.  If you’ve seen the trailer at the end of this last episode it is intimated that Jones has left Broyles with a Hobson’s choice.  That is, a choice with no real options.

So faithful Fringe viewers I ask you this, is Colonel Broyles the traitor he seems to be or is a good guy that has been driven to his breaking point?  In order to qualify this question I ask you to remember that the original iteration of Broyles from the Red Universe was willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good even if meant helping the threat of what our Olivia represented.  He died after he had a change of heart and it may happen again as history is repeating itself.

Or consider this, it seems that Jones has been formulating his latest Shape-shifters to be devoid of emotion and this explains Broyles’ willingness to sacrifice a Fringe Division member even one as important as Lincoln Lee.

You can view the teaser once again for this Friday’s episode below or you can stay spoiler free as many of you wish to be.

Either way, Colonel Broyles friend or foe?


  1. I need time to think of my complete reasoning (which I do have) but I’m sticking with my guns and keeping with the theory that Broyles has been compromised and is in fact a shapeshifter.

    • OK, duly noted. We should find out Friday night. Wait, did you cheat and check his palate?

  2. Sinc they havent shown him to be a shapeshifter, I’m leaning towards blackmail. I believe that David Robert Jones has his wife and kids stashed somewhere and keeping Broyles under his thumb that way.
    Why waste a shapeshifter when coercion works so well.
    And maybe Secretary Bishop has discovered a way to identify shapeshifters. He did find out is shapeshifter (Brandon?) pretty fast.

    • I don’t think DRJ has a problem “wasting” shape-shifters but I get your drift. Now that Lincoln Lee and the Fringe Division has found the S/S tracker they may not need Walternate. But will we see Walternate again? Absolutely! He may even get medieval on Jones’ you know what!

  3. Guilt by association (Jones/Sharp) for now. The only way he isn’t the traitorous slag that we all think, is if he is working a double agent angle for Secretary Bishop. If he is – that means Bishop may be looking to co-opt the efforts of Jones. Why? To stay on mission. He has always worked the complex, foreknowing (backstabbing) agenda that puts his universe ahead of the other. We saw him in 2026 in the previous timeline. If things stay fairly parallel (paths taken or not), that suggests the Secretary is/has/and always will be the protagonist. Don’t be surprised when the peacemaker DoD Chief turns the tables and becomes the warmonger again. As for the Colonel, that still leaves him on the wrong side of good, no matter what he does, even if it is out of loyalty; Of course we saw what loyalty got him on the last go-around: quartered, fried and served-up like a Sunday chicken dinner.

    Here is a thought on the Col Broyles front. We saw Farnsworth in his office about to reveal something she knew. They didn’t show us. Everyone assumes that she was about to tell him of Captain Lee’s demise… which came next. However, I don’t think that was why she was there. I think she was about to tell him that she discovered (statistically) they have another mole in FDiv. She saw the database that Agent Lee was running, saw the tracking output, and put it all together. She was about to say something to the effect that – “Sir. You are the mole.”

    • That was quite the lurid reply DocH. “Slag” “Backstabbing” “Warmonger” I guess we know where you stand. Your thoughts aren’t without merit though. Things do have a way of repeating themselves in this new timeline. You’re more of a conspiracy theorist than I am! If this pans out we’ll have to sing your praises.

      Have you thought that Alt-Astrid may have said, “Mission accomplished sir”.

  4. And I don’t think Broyles is a shifter. He came to the group briefing on Liberty Island where they all talked about the renewed alliance in the wake of Jones escape. My understanding is that all of those scans they submit to, getting into the Bridge room, were designed to identify things like the shifter technology.

  5. I got to believe that Colonel Broyles is destined to die in the previous universe/timeline , so he must die early before his time in this timeline/universe. So I got to believe that this Colonel Broyles is already a shapeshifter and already dead.
    I really hope Amber/Blue Broyles goes over to unite with his family in the Redverse.

    P.S. (yes I intentionally swapped the words universe and timeline, point for you for noticing)
    P.S.S ((yes you are very smart now shut up)) <—Peter Faulk voice from the princess bride

    • Charlie! Do I get points deducted for not noticing? I’m hanging on to hope that Broyles has been turned to the Dark Side but will see the evil of his ways and sacrifice himself for the greater good.

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