Bleeding Blue

Nov 11, 2011 | 2 comments

During my second viewing of “Novation” (4.05), I noticed something that really did a lot to grab my attention, and I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed it, as well. Throughout the new orange opening, even though orange (or amber; I am only saying orange because the primary showrunners, Joel Wyman and Jeff Pinkner, have referred to it as orange, but I think either is completely valid) is the primary color, there are very quick blue flashes that are so easy to miss if you aren’t paying close enough attention. The glyphs, for example, are still blue, and there are literally flashes of blue color that “bleed through” the orange color. I am really struck by this discovery but am wondering if I am the first to have made the discovery. Here, I provide an example of what I mean.

Initially, I thought that maybe this is because Peter has returned and that it would thus make sense that the opening wouldn’t be purely orange any longer, but as I said, the blue is so easy to miss, and I have been missing it since the premiere, in fact. This makes even more sense to me because think of what Joel and Jeff said; they said that the orange was intended to signify that we are now in a timeline in which Peter doesn’t exist, but December points out that he’s bleeding through, much like the color blue bleeds through our orange opening. It’s also worth pointing out that the blue flash that I’ve captured looks like a blue orb of energy, which is what Peter is when he comes back in “Subject 9” (4.04). These guys are smart and know what they’re doing. Has anyone else noticed this?

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  1. Mr sharper

    Wow. great observation. I did not notice it . .so i just went back to the DVR and watched it .. NICE!

    I wonder if more “blue” will take over as we get closer to getting back to the original timeline (if we’re headed in that direction).

    Thank God for the Fringe Podcast community, because I NEVER catch the small things 🙂

  2. HanakoGal

    The blue flashes also remind me of the lens flares we see that signify the changing of universes. Maybe Peter bleeding threw is a preview of a changing of universe, again.


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