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Posted by on Sep 21, 2011 in Blog | 8 comments

“Beyond the Fringe”

“Beyond the Fringe”

The Twitter and Blogverse have been afire today with the announcement that DC Comics will be releasing a new digital comic called “Beyond The Fringe”.  If that wasn’t exciting enough the author of said digital comic is one Josh Jackson.  (Be still my Red and Blue universe beating heart).  Many in the “Fringe-verse” have long cited Josh for his geek street cred.  This announcement only polishes that resume.  The is happy to be part of this grand announcement and DC comics adds that the storyline will be following the shows canon and offering a “what if” approach. (Again, be still my Red and Blue universe beating heart.)  Will I be getting mine?  Ha, do shape-shifters dream of electric sheep?  Of course!

What about you Fringees, excited about this news?  Totally on board?  Let us know!

The cover to the amazing first issue.


  1. Fantastic! When does it start?

    • No, evyerone thought that Bruce Wayne died when he actually got lost in the past and had to make his way through timestreams back to the present. Dick Grayson (former Robin and Nightwing) became Batman in Bruce Wayne’s absence. 0

  2. Found it, Dave! Thanks. Downloaded and read. Can’t wait for the next instalment. Great graphics!

  3. I have to vouch for this particular comic- I snagged a copy right away and it is drawn well, and written pretty well too! (Go Josh!)

    And it all came about due to DC’s New 52 – Universe Relauch!

    Thanks DC!

    • Ha! DC’s New 52 relaunch? You mean the one where everything is starting anew in a new universe that blended together a few different parallel universes and most things are the same but some things aren’t and there are a couple characters that seem to have never existed and there’s a mysterious person who appears in the background of every single issue (sometimes obviously photoshopped in) just watching what’s going on? That relaunch? I don’t know what you’re talking about. I see no way that has anything to do with Fringe.

  4. Yikes, must read it! I’m off to download it… Thanks for the info, IDD!

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