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Jun 21, 2012 | 7 comments

As many of us in Fringe fandom have learned by now, Jeff Pinkner has decided to leave his post as co-showrunner of Fringe.  This seemingly came out of the blue (or red!) and was explained as giving Jeff more time to pursue other projects.  It’s not that I don’t trust Joel Wyman but we already know that this will be an abridged season so it is his baby now.  (Don’t screw it up JW.)

Add to this the spoilery bit of news dropped by John Noble here and there are some major developments going on.  Don’t hit the link if you want to remain unspoiled.  It is fairly major news.  I’ve read it and I’m pretty excited about it but it does divulge a lot.  You’ve been warned!

So dear readers what do you think?  Has your confidence been shaken or do you remain resolute?  There’s an old saying about changing horses in mid-stream.  Does JJ Abrams still have a firm hold on the reins in your mind?

Are we going to fight the future of Fringe or go along for the ride?  Sound off and tell me what you think!





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  1. mardarrell

    I am extremely disappointed that Jeff is leaving Fringe. He has been a critical part of the creative team since the day the pilot was picked up by FOX. To see him leave now is a bit heartbreaking. He has taken us on this amazing journey for the last 4 years and I sort of feel like he is jumping ship just as she pulls in to harbor.

    I hope that what has been said publicly is true. I hope that he has some amazing opportunities that he needs to follow. Jeff is one of the most talented people in Hollywood and any project is blessed to have him. I just wish that project was Fringe for a few more months.

    Now, having said all of that, Joel is also amazingly talented and has been with the show almost as long as Jeff. He knows what the heart of the show is, and he knows the end game forward and backward. He will be able to take the helm and bring the good ship Fringe gracefully in to harbor.

    I also hope that this might serve as an added incentive to bring back JJ Abrams as part of the active creative team for the final season. I can’t wait to see how this story wraps up!

  2. Chadwick

    waaa, waaa, waaa.

    each and every script of saison 5 has not been written, but you can be certain that each and every of the final thirteen shows will have been completely outlined and approved before he steps out the door, or before he gets the gold watch from abrams at the goin-away party. his hand will guide post-depart’um. and i am certain that he is on speed dial for clarifications and expansions about any topic that has gone before

  3. Joey_Willaims

    Totally agree with the previous comment. I bet most of the season has been outlined and He will be able to be consulted for details and will be more than willing to do so.

    I am irritated he couldn’t wait it out to finish the shortened season out, but I have little worry this will effect the outcome of what we see on screen since its the final season and every one knows it is.

  4. The Unabeefer

    While I’m sad about JP leaving, I trust JW… and I am also pretty sure they had decided together what the last 13 will include anyways. It won’t be as if anything much will differ from if he were to stay on.

    I picture it in my mind as follows:
    JP: “Hey, I have an opportunity to work on something, but it will mean I can’t be involved in the end of Fringe. You got this?”
    JW: “Yeah, no problem.”
    JP: “Cool. Just don’t screw it up!!”
    JW: “I’ll just blame it on you.”


  5. Kristin (a/k/a serenityinall)

    Hey ya’ll. I was surprised by the news, yet I don’t think it will be a big issue in the final thirteen episodes. I saw something the other day on Twitter (JW was on there this week) were JW said that he has taken the cast through every episode of Season 5 (paraphrasing); so to me it all seems pretty firmly laid out. I wish Jeff Pinker all the best.

    As for the “spoilery” (yes, I like to make up words) news, the link I saw was via TVLine and a lot smaller blurb (yet like a small bomb of spoilery info). It wasn’t as long as the link you have here; although, JW did mention a lot of this on Twitter this week.

    So, yes Dave you are right! That sneak peek is very exciting (and very spoilery). Makes me more excited to see what is coming in this final Season. I’m certainly looking forward to it.

    By the way (don’t know if this is spoilery or not) – yet on Twitter JW was asked if he was directing any Season 5 episodes and he said yes, that he is directing the Series Finale – FYI.


  6. AdamG

    It is a team project. No one is an island even though the younger may think so the mature know that it takes all to make it work. So, I am not phased by the change. New Blood may also come and that culd bring a fresh look at the futures of red, blue, gold.
    I am looking beyond that for the Fringers.What other program could have so many possibilities as far as continuing in Book Novels,Audiobooks, webisodes? Blue verse ,Redverse, and a new frontier not to mention Comics? or Point of view of any other Fringe character living through these years we have just visited. What opportunity for writers and actors to come.

  7. CharlieFromVirignia

    I see this as a bad thing.
    This is as much as Jeff Pinkner’s baby as anyone else’s.
    Why leave?
    13 episodes and your done.
    No one…no one is that busy that they can’t watch their kid graduate.
    (Unless that kid asks you not to be there and you pretend your too busy)

    Something happened to make Jeff leave not in anyway can I believe Jeff’s gladly left something he grew from nothing.

    This to me is not good news.


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