A Death In The Family – Spoiler Alert!

Oct 27, 2012 | 11 comments

<a href="http://www.sodahead.com/entertainment/are-you-happy-with-the-decision-to-kill-off-henrietta-on-fringe/question-3277887/" title="Are You Happy With The Decision to Kill Off Henrietta on Fringe?">Are You Happy With The Decision to Kill Off Henrietta on Fringe?</a>

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  1. dana

    Thanks for putting up a poll, Dave. It makes me feel better to see that there are at least a few people who feel the way I do.

    I had to go with it’s a cheap stunt and I’m furious about!

    Did you come up with that wording? I like it, it explains my feelings perfectly. I keep trying to explain myself by saying it was done for “shock value”, but “cheap stunt” describes it more correctly. Uggh, I’m so sad…

    • Inter-dimensional Dave

      Hi Dana, yes, that was my wording. I was on twitter when the “deed” went down. I gave up counting all the o’s in Noooooooooooo after a while. So I gathered it wasn’t popular with all.

      I’m a bit sad about it also. I like Georgina and this role was great exposure for her. No doubt her sudden departure will actually afford her greater attention but I still wanted to see more of the family dynamic.

      Thank you Dana!

  2. Miriam

    I couldn’t check the first box because no, I’m not happy with the decision, but I couldn’t check the second box either because I don’t consider it a ‘cheap stunt’. I’m very upset, though and very sad. I didn’t like their decision at all. I really liked this actress in this role and I liked how the relationships between the parents and daughter were developing. I have to admit that I was completely shocked and I cried a lot after viewing the episode. I had to watch the epi over again because I still could not believe it. Of course, I cried some more.

    Is it possible to see the poll results without voting? I just can’t bring myself to choose one of the boxes.

    • InterdimensionalDave

      Miriam, it is possible to see the poll results clicking on the words “poll results” just below the poll box itself. See just below the orange words “Sodahead.com”. 37 people have voted so far.

      I think your feelings are shared by many as it was a tough episode to watch.

      Thanks Miriam and hang in there. (Walter always has a plan.)

  3. JohnW

    I’m hanging on to Blind Faith the writers know what their doing.

    They brought us back from the Red verse and made us sad when they had to go.

    Heck maybe they’ll still “invent” a way for Fringe to never end.. perhaps it goes on and on in another verse.

    There no rhyme or reason but only time will tell.

    And maybe William Bell

  4. GabboSocks

    I had to go with undecided, but I’m not happy about it. I like the actress too and thought there was plenty of potential to do more exploring and developing the family dynamic. Will the focus now be on what will you do for love while in “revenge mode”?

  5. Lou Sytsma (@OldDarth)

    I went undecided even though I have full confidence the show has not pulled off a cheap stunt here. Etta’s death will impact the main cast majorly for the rest of the season.

    And if this timeline is negated, it must be done so at some cost. If the reset takes no more effort than flicking a light switch then my vote would change to cheap stunt.

    Nature does not care about good or bad. It only cares about balance.

  6. Dormouser

    Only mostly dead, in amber… Or Walter will hijack Observers’ time travel …. Or she’s just dead. In which case, it seems a bit premature; her character was barely started…

  7. Jewell Mykins

    Thought about it, but the risk of getting caught and people over reacting (especially the professor) is just not worth it.

  8. Anna

    This season should have been in 2016, they could have told the same story, would have had a better effect.

    Now we got 4 episdes concentrated on Etta, who got more writing than Olivia has had since at least season 4.

    the only good thing of adult Etta was the chance for Olivia to talk about her childhood as she would ask about Ettas, did not happen, so no reason for Etta to be in Fringe, she only pushed Olivia to the back in te rest of the episodes.
    Olivia is the female lead of Fringe.

    Olivia has always been used for either Walter or Peter Bishop or both, their go-between.

    Now Etta has been used to launch angry Peter, and it looks like that Peter and Walter are going to battle together, with Olivia reduced to the woman behind her man role.

    It is clear for me that Fringe writers have no other interest in Olivia other than plotdevice, see how she has been used, brainwash, replace, Bell, memories etc.
    Once she was the Chosen One, long time ago, compeltely forgotten.

    It was Wyman who went on and on about Olivia being the lesser version of AltLivia in season 3 after Firefly, and Wyman has already said that the only role of Olivia this season is in the Fringefamily,

    So Olivia first had to soften Etta, now she has to be the caring mom for Peter, and last for Walter and Peter together.
    Walters story is being forgiven by Peter who now has got the story of Walter,

    What I find very telling is that most reviews only talk about that, Peter and Walter and tragic losing their child,
    as if Olivia did not lose a child,
    and for me Olivias life has been 10 times more tragic than that of the Bishops.

  9. Anna

    BTW I think it is a cheap stunt, and that is what I am angry about, the cheap stunt, not the death.

    And Olivia has been made passive , lost and refllective since Firefly.

    I was hoping that Olivia finally would get her Chosen One, important role back, and be active , taking the initiative again, but it looks like Wyman only wants to see her as a cliche woman behind the man Elisabeth Bishop.


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