Episode 0213-”Of Human Action”

Nov 16, 2009 | 2 comments

In this episode we discuss the Fringe episode, “Of Human Action”. Clint discusses real world military research dealing with mind control. We have some in depth discussion about Massive Dynamic’s (and Nina’s) objectives, and speculate on the various possible uses of cortexiphan.

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Links mentioned in this podcast:
Time Magazine article on mind control

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  1. IHardy

    Hi CeeJayDeeCee,

    Great podcast as usual. Just wanted to mention that the Always Trustworthy Wikipedia (snicker) states the following dates for the last episodes of this year: “August” = Nov. 19th, “Snakehead” = Dec 3rd, and “Grey Matters” = Dec 10th. Here’s hoping. 🙂

    Take care

  2. fringe freak

    Hi im only 13 years old and i love fringe im a couple epicodes behind than you. My friends think im weird because they all watch rally girly programs and im watching fringe and telling them about the grossest bits which is funny. I think its weird that they have dropped olivias super senstive hearing quickly but it might get picked up soon but like i said im not as up to date as you guys are. I liked when nina wrote to bell and said it was a sucess and we saw the next seen although i kind of guessed somethin like that might of happened i was stilled shocked. I liked when in one epicode
    the mole man attacked olivia i expected it but still jumped it was quite late at night though. olivia is my favorite charcter but i love walters absent mind to the significence to what he is doing. Not forgetting how much i love peters sarcasm.
    I give fringe all together 9.5 peter’s pleasent pasts.


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