The Fringe Podcast Episode 514-“Five-Twenty-Ten”

Nov 18, 2012 | 2 comments

In episode 514 of The Fringe Podcast we review the season 5 Fringe episode entitled, “5-20-10.” We discuss Peter’s behavior and the physical changes he is experiencing, talk about other Fringe episodes that tie in to this one, and we share our thoughts on the insight we gained about William Bell and the beacons. We also talk about the return of Nina Sharp, Walter’s desire to have portions of his brain removed, the relationship between Olivia and Peter, and a whole lot more!

This episode contains TWO BONUSES!! First, we had the privilege of speaking to Debbie Myers, the GM of Science Channel. She shares some of the original content they will be producing to go along with the Fringe as they begin showing Fringe season 1 this week. Check out the full programming slate, including a Thanksgiving weekend marathon, here. Secondly, we reveal the contest winners for our Bridge the Backstory contest! Congrats to the winners. Check out all the contest entries here.

Thanks to everyone that sent in feedback for this episode. Send in your feedback and theories to 304-837-2278 or

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  1. Anna

    Season 5 of Fringe is a cliche macho men movie where the women are the little women behind the great arrogant egocentric men, who see themselves as God.

    So Nina comes back, Olivia and NIna have become close, but for some reason are not allowed to talk, Olivia gets hardly any lines.
    Nina comes back for Walter, another storyline for Noble, and what do they talk about, love, or better Nina being humiliated by Bell the man she loves,
    I always saw Nina as a woman happy on her own with a string of men, Bell just one of them, now we get a crying woman about that 1 man.

    Best scene of the episode was Olivia reacting to Peter observer,
    Anna Torv had disgust, disbelive, fear and anger all in one look, that is brilliant acting.

    This is S1 and S2 Fringe, with Olivia once again used as the go between for Walter and Peter, and Anna Torv sacrificed for Jackson and Noble.

    Wyman did an interview with Fearnet last week, drooling about Jackson and Noble, nothing on Anna Torv not even her name.,

    and from that interview it is clear that he spents all his time writing for Jackson and Noble, their storylines keep piling up, as they always have had all the writing on Fringe.

    Olivia gets the getting to know her emotions arc, like she had in S3 and S4, and she has to do that around Peter.

    Only now they forget to give her lines, so Anna Torv has to come up with 100 different ways of showing concern for Peter in 2 episodes. Insulting.

    Even if they give her more to do, it is too late,

    I predict the rest of the season:

    Olivia will hear next week that her role is to save Peter from becoming an observer, and Walter from becoming the nasty man, by empathy.
    so she has to give love to Peter who lies to her and treats her like a dumb little woman,

    and she has to give love to Walter who abused her as a child and damaged her for life.

    if Olivia does not do that, the world will go down,
    if Olivia does , Gods Peter and Walter will save the world and get all the credit, and Olivia will probably end up being pregnant.

  2. Lou Sytsma (@OldDarth)

    You’ve made these points before.

    Any OTHER aspects of the show, you care to discuss would be most welcome.

    Otherwise your posts are merely noise.


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