The Fringe Podcast Episode 529-New Media Expo Panel

Jan 30, 2013 | 3 comments

In this special edition of The Fringe Podcast we bring you the full “Tips and Techniques For Building a Successful Fan Podcast” panel from New Media Expo 2013. Darrell teamed up with Jason Cabassi from The Walking Dead ‘Cast and Rob Cesternino from Rob Has a Podcast for the panel. Check out Rob’s website at and Jason’s website at

The panel contains several helpful ideas to start your fan or pop culture podcast off in the right direction, or to help you improve the podcast you’re already producing. We talk about how to choose the right topic, how to work with the TV network, how to land and conduct interviews, what equipment to use, and we offer tips on improving your production quality.

Thanks to everyone who came to New Media Expo and attended the panel in person, and thanks to New Media Expo for allowing us the opportunity to share our experience with others.

Did you miss out on New Media Expo? Click here to get the Virtual Ticket! The Virtual Ticket allows you to hear all of the other panels and see exclusive videos from New Media Expo!

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  1. adam g

    A White Tulip shirt sounds great to me too! Or a Verse shirt with blends or solids of each Universe.

    Thank you Jason, and Rob, and Darrell!Sounds so helpful.. I had been thinking about it for sometime…And wondering if a tv show from yesterday is too weird.Yes, it’s no longer on ..had 3 seasons and went off in mid 2000.Still thinking.
    Good info here.Smart tips. Thanks.

    • adam g

      I continue listening and got some confirmation…Thanks again…
      Good copy right mention..regarding your sports host question on podcast having a “sour name” there is a connection angle that cannot be ignored if his guest has a website, email address,twitter, events with no support..he is very likely to get some kind of encouragement he never thought possible.Be encouraged Sports guy and you could even demonstrate to that sports guest you want by helping him do well by your followers positive appropriate influence. In other words he will hear from others about your work and approach you.Maintain Integrity.


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