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Posted by on Jan 23, 2013 in Fringe Comic, Podcasts | 2 comments

The Fringe Podcast Episode 527-Pre Finale Predictions

The Fringe Podcast Episode 527-Pre Finale Predictions

In episode 527 of The Fringe Podcast we bring you the open mic conversation we had on the eve of the Fringe series finale. We gathered about 15 or so Fringe fans together, turned on the audio recorder and had a candid conversation about our favorite show. We talked about some of our favorite moments in Fringe, made several predictions about what we thought we’d see in the finale, and had a great time joking around and enjoying the company of folks that share our passion for Fringe.

The audio quality isn’t nearly as good as we normally deliver, but we think you’ll find the conversation to be quite enjoyable. It’s particularly interesting to consider the conversation, and our hopes for the finale, in light of what we actually saw in the series finale. Thanks go out to all of those who came to Oklahoma City and joined us for this special event!

Join our next live show on February 3 as we give our full finale review and share your feedback! Send in you feedback by calling our voice feedback line at 304-837-2278 or email us at



  1. You have gathered a growing group of Listeners /Viewers and changed lives! A Fan Podcast brings to life Fans.Fans are not a number but are 3 dimensional thinkers, feelers,talented and willing to accept the program! Willing to hear and follow your framed program/podcast! Spock would say,” fascinating!” Congrats on such a blessing you guys are doing and have for 5 years! Who knows as Star Trek though cancelled in the mid 60s after just a few season ,”Fringe” may spawn Movies and yearly conventions!

  2. I think I know why the Observers are all white males, first they are white because in their future there is no sunlight so their melonin has essentially atrophied, and if observers view humanity strictly from a mechanical standpoint, men on average having higher muscle mass may have been a better starting point from what they were trying to do since observers are designed to be physically stronger than normal humans. Then if they wanted completely controlled evolution using women would risk pregnancies that they couldn’t control (think Jurassic Park) and any elements form women that they wanted to use they could probably cut and past from DNA from, for example women having a higher threshold for pain.

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