The Fringe Podcast Episode 512-Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There

Nov 11, 2012 | 1 comment

In this episode of The Fringe Podcast we discuss our thoughts on the Fringe season 5 episode titled, “Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There.” We talk about the new Observer-like abilities that Peter demonstrated in this episode and what that might tell us about his future. We also discuss the reappearance of “creepy bald kid” that we last saw in the season 1 episode, “Inner Child.” We throw around a few thoughts on Donald, new behavior that we noticed from Windmark, and the conversation between Walter and Peter at the end of the episode. We also talk about the unique style of this episode and the wonderful job done by director, Jon Cassar.

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1 Comment

  1. Anna

    The women on Fringe: the only one that has gotten good writing as a character is Etta.
    In 4 episodes they did more with her backstory than they did with Olivia in 4 seasons.

    How nice for Anna Torv, Jasika Nicole and Blair Brown.

    So Olivia Dunham, I guess Wyman forgot who she is? Astrid, also FBI agent, lets just use her as a familiar face?
    Nina, 2 episodes the most if she shows up ?

    People keep wondering about the female observers, Wyman should better explain why he does not write for his female characters,
    or in the case of Olivia uses her as the little woman behind the man,

    What we do get is the same Walter and Peter scenes over and over again, and Walter going mad or whatever over and over, poor Walter
    I wish John Noble would have the guts to play the Walter that abuses Olivia , would have given a great story arc, now she got stuck in falling an caring for Peter storylines.

    Since Olivias backstoru has never been told, and we are told that Ettas will be, I predict that by telling the Etta story we will get that Olivia was adopted at the age of 3 years, 1 month and 5 days.
    Olivia does not know father, who knows who her real mother is,
    and since she was dumped by the creepy Walter and Bell, she cannot have had loving parents.
    Etta at least did have loving parents, and judging by the pictures had loving adoptive parents.

    I hope they start with Olivia in an active storyline next week, because she has been saying
    I need you Peter, I love you Peter, I worry for you Peter to overkill, starting end season 3.

    I hate the entire Observer Peter thing, overacting is reason 1, it is just pulling faces, empty, compare his action scene to the one great moment of Olivia fighting the observer, Anna knows how to act fightscenes.

    Walter and Peter is clearly the only thing both Noble and Jackson are interested in, see Comic Con press, etc,
    which leaves Anna Torv to do all the work in the Olivia and Peter part.

    We are going to What lies below soon, Peter attacking Olivia,

    And there are 2 possiblities in Olivia versus Peter with Peter knowingly enhancing himself and Olivia being a victim of abuse with Cortexaphan:

    1/ Olivia tells Peter how her life is damaged by the abuse of Walter, and that she wishes she was normal and that should open his eyes.

    2/ they are going to the route that Olivia is actually a machine made human, I say this as I have been very angry that Olivia had to say lines where she had to call herself a lesser version of another Olivia 3 times, and the line about being programmed I hated that.
    Also Wyman has a new show coming up where the subject will be that, and Wyman loved the entire Olivia has to feel her lesser version of AltLivia.
    If they are going for Olivia being a machine made human as a testtube versus Peter being the human so stupid to make himself a machine,
    Olivia Dunham fans will be white with anger, they have eroded Olivia enough.


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