The Fringe Podcast Episode #36, “The Road Not Taken”

May 11, 2009 | 7 comments

In this podcast we review Fringe episode 19, “The Road Not Taken.” We discuss theories about multiple dimensions, ZFT, Nina Sharp, William Bell and Walter’s kidnapping. We take a look at the science behind Peter’s sound capturing device and spontaneous human combustion. As always, we end the episode with listener feedback, Twitter responses and Random Thoughts From Canadia.

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Links Mentioned In This Episode
Spontaneous Human Combustion
Library of Congress Recording Recovery
Mythbusters Pottery Recordings
The Fragrant Hand’s research on Nancy Lewis Bookshelf

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  1. Scott

    Hey gang – just started listening to the podcast and am loving it. Then Courtney went and dropped FIF audio in the episode and now I’m over the moon.

    Keep up the awesome work and mayhaps I’ll stop in for the chat Tuesday!
    -Scott in Massachusetts

  2. John

    Re: Harris
    I actually see the sudden death of Harris as a good twist in the program. Now Olivia will have even more questions – who was Harris really working for? What was he trying to accomplish? Was he part of ZFT? What was he real purpose in trying to stifle Olivia at every turn?
    I think the death of Harris was a good turn of events. I don’t believe his character was killed off just because he wasn’t well liked. Afterall, characters like Harris serve very useful purpose in tv shows.
    I sincerely doubt that the writers of Fringe were wringing their hands saying “The audience doesn’t like Harris; we better kill him.”

  3. mardarrell

    I agree, John. I think the producers knew his character would not be liked. I don’t think they killed him off due to the audience not liking him.

    It’s good to hear from you again. How’s that naru jacket?

  4. Toma

    Hey guys

    Great episode and great podcast.

    I loved Harris’ explosion, of course. When he told Charlie that he’s reachable by cell before he left, I loved the irony in that they actually found out his involvement through his cell.

  5. John

    The jacket is in storage somewhere. Wife would be too embarrassed to actually let me wear it (and it would be a bit snug these day).

  6. Vanessa

    I have a question/request. I’m dying to hear what you guys have to say about the finale but video podcasts don’t really work for me (cause I listen to the podcast while I’m walking my dog primarily.) So, while I would love to see your charming faces, I’m wondering whether audio will be made available? And available on iTunes?

    I’ll close by sucking up and saying I love the show and I plan on listening to all of the back episodes over the summer while waiting for season 2.

  7. Manny Fleurmond

    Was just re-watching this episode. My question: Susan Pratt died in our verse because she was a Cortexiphan kid but how did she die over there?? Theory: Bell had other Cortexiphan kids over there


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