The Fringe Podcast Episode #22, “Bound”

Jan 24, 2009 | 1 comment

In this episode we review Fringe epidsode 11, “Bound.”  We recorded this podcast in front of a live internet audience and share some of our viewer’s theories in addition to our own thoughts and theories.  We reveal our lastest poll results, discuss Fringe in the news, and end the episode with a few light spoilers. Send us your feedback at or call us on the Fringe phone at 304-837-2278.

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  1. John

    Re: the “pop-up”. It might not have been a pop-up. Is it possible that he created something more along the lines of a self-executing program; something that could bypass your normal web fitlers? It seemed to me that his program was a lot more insidious than a mere pop-up. Is it possible that the “What’s That Noise?” screen had some subliminal imagery that compelled the user to click the screen?


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