The Fringe Podcast Episode 0113

Oct 18, 2008 | 2 comments

In this episode we review Fringe episode 5, Power Hungry. We discuss our theories about Agent John Scott, Walter Bishop’s past, discuss pigeon training and electromagnetic fingerprints. We also answer several emails sent in by listeners about last weeks episode and end the episode by sharing our thoughts about The 7 Secrets of Fringe video.

Links mentioned in this podcast:

JJ Abrams Internet Interview

John Noble Interview

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  1. Caroline

    Awesome podcast.
    Here’s a bit about ratings from

    “Earlier in the day I’d facetiously declared The Mentalist, not Fringe as the season’s new hit. The truth is, both shows are hits depending on how you want to look at it. The Mentalist won the hour in total viewers, even besting Dancing With the Stars, but while The Mentalist had more than 50% more total viewers than Fringe, Fringe still easily bested it among 18-49 year olds and when it came to 18-34 year olds, Fringe performed 100% better (3.8 rating vs. 1.9 rating).”

    Apparently, it’s not the overall # of viewers that’s important, it’s if the show is doing well in the demos, which Fringe is apparently in #1 spot for. Which rocks!

  2. Marylynn Grashot

    I hope to have good time in watching this game. This episode is something we need to watch , by the way we are looking for ways to deliver the embedded streaming on our website.


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