TFP Episode 424-“Making Angels”

Feb 5, 2012 | 4 comments

In this episode of The Fringe Podcast we review the Fringe season 4 episode, Making Angels.  We disuss the work done by Jasika Nicole in the episode, the possible ramifications September will face now that December knows he has disobeyed his orders, and we revisit the “fate vs. free will” discussion.  We spend some time talking about the differences between the two Astrids, the new dynamica between Fauxlivia and Walter and Clint tells us all about atomizers in the Science of Tomorrow segment.

Marissa Roffman Interview with JH Wyman and Jeff Pinkner

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  1. cooper

    Where’s the interview with Jasika?

    • mardarrell

      It will be posted later tonight.

  2. DocH

    From DocH at

    In the never ending “You got universe in my timeline!… You got timeline in my universe!” battle between you two, I think the Marisa Roffman interview (Fringe-for-Dummies Q&A) sort of puts the issue to rest. — Pinkner: “Now, the idea of the timeline, it’s not the same as a [new] universe, but it’s sort of synonymous.”

    Mata Hari! Mata Hari! Not comfortable with Bolivia strutting through Walter’s lab like she owned the joint? I am going to fudge your assessment some – I completely enjoyed the swordplay and swagger the two shared. You have to remember, the first third of Season 3 was Fauxliv blonded-up until she escaped in ep8 Entrada. Little of anything that happened in that two month period is the same as we viewed it during the previous timeline. No dating (or procreating) with Peter, and Walter was a shut-in. So the only history Walter has with Bolivia is there – in the lab, believing she was Olive. My point – this is how they start feeding us the back story about that period of time, and the viper-licious spy that infiltrated the sanctity of Walter’s home/workplace. They (ExecPs) say there is no wasted dialogue in FRINGE… so I am guessing this initial tête-à-tête with Bolivia and Walter is going somewhere, later in the season.

    Good point about the validity of the level of ‘mercy’ when killing the alcoholic gal. I had not thought it through to that point (yet). Is it even mercy? –
    1. Compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one’s power to punish or harm.
    2. An event to be grateful for, esp. because its occurrence prevents something unpleasant or provides relief from suffering

    She didn’t seem grateful. None of them did. In fact Neil’s death, suicide by cop, is technically suicide – and may have kept him from the fate/destiny he had envisioned for himself in the afterlife.

    Do you guys know/remember the Smothers Brother running-gag, or perpetual routine – “Mom always liked you best”? That’s all I could think of when Neil was going through his mini-rant about brother Alex, to his mom.

    I am conflicted about the Observer’s.

    If they can ACCURATELY experience all possible futures/timelines, simultaneously – why are they wrapped around the INACCURACY that is Peter Bishop. I am starting to think that their accuracy diminishes when one of them participates in a timeline. And that event (incursion) ripples forward, backward and laterally through all of the potential futures. More than one vibration (Observer interference) sets up nodes of “Constructive Interference” in the space-time continuum. Synergy. 1+1=3… 1+1+1=9… etc…. That is why the Parliament of Observer’s is keen on cleaning-up their messes – the space-time “Richter Scale” can be a beyotch. The End Of Days scenario is the 9.9 Tsunami hitting the nuke plant that is trans-dimensional Earth.

    So the Observers fixed the first faux pas, saving boy Peter at Reiden Lake, by manipulating events so Peter could be the stop-gap to the very situation he caused. But now, September has caused another ripple, failing to eradicate Peter in ep4.01 while sitting outside of Walter’s lab. Will Peter be his own stop-gap again? Or will an assassin be deployed ala Christine Hollis and August? August paid the price when he was shot in the chest. Now September is off the grid with a blast to the pecs. Will we see Hit-Man Don Long again? Since Olivia was warned that she will die in all timelines… maybe she will be the ‘stop-gap’ that Peter was during the previous iteration.

    Fan-Fiction Alert: I don’t know… Auburn could be the new Blonde. Fauxliv is without Frank now, and fancies Peter. They may hook-up. If he can’t return to his desired timeline, and is courting Big Red, Peter may choose to make his home near Elizabeth. The last episode of this season may drop Peter into 2026 again. Only instead of Olivia running Fringe over here… this universe is destroyed and Peter is running Fringe Division for Walternate. Fauxlivia does the agent stuff still… but divide’s her time between that and her & Pete’s tweener son, Henry.

  3. Jeff

    You mentioned in the podcast that you didn’t think Alterastrid wouldn’t cry, because of the autism. My son has Aspergers, which is on autism spectrum. While he has trouble with social interactions, he is also a very tender-hearted boy. Recently, my wife’s uncle was dying of pancreatic cancer and was not doing well. My son sat next to him, rubbed his back, and told him how sad was that he was dying. It was very touching.

    I find Jasika Nicole’s portrayal of someone with high-functioning autism to ring true, and I did not find the tear to be inconsistent.

    Love the podcast. Keep up the great work.


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